Fitness Model Stephanie Sanzo Flaunts Sculpted Physique While Showing Off Her Deadlift Skills

Stephanie Sanzo takes a mirror selfie while at the gym.
Stephanie Sanzo / Instagram

Australian fitness model Stephanie Sanzo took to Instagram on Friday, February 28 to show off her buff figure as she went through a sumo deadlift exercise. She also taught her followers several warm-up exercises to prevent injuries if they wanted to give deadlifting a shot.

For the workout, Stephanie wore an orange sports bra with thick halter straps and cut-outs on the back. The top left plenty of her toned tummy on display. The trainer added a pair of skin-tight shorts to the outfit, which consisted of a thick blue waistband and a multi-colored design throughout the rest of the fabric. The shorts ended just below her pert backside, showing off her muscular legs. She added a pair of white sneakers to the look and wore a silver Apple Watch. Stephanie pulled her long, blond tresses back into a low bun and made up her face with thick black lashes and pink, glossy lips.

In the two-part post, the fitness trainer started by demonstrating several mobility exercises that are designed to warm up various parts of the body. In the caption of the post, Stephanie grouped each of the exercises into five main categories — lower back release, core activation, hip and adductor stretch, hip and adductor mobility, and quad and adductor activation.

The warm-up exercises she performed are downward dog poses, cobra poses, bent knee windscreen wipers, bird dogs, side plank reach-throughs, frog stretches, Bulgarian squat static holds, hip airplanes, mountain climbers and reach overs and finally, the DB sumo deadlift.

In the caption, Stephanie explained that sumo deadlifts can be very difficult to perform if the body isn’t warmed up correctly. She stated that lower back tension, poor core activation, and immobile hips/adductors are the most common issues people face.

The second video in the post shows Stephanie actually performing the sumo deadlifts. She shows off her strength by lifting a 140-kilogram weight five times. The fitness model lifts barefoot and as she completes each rep, viewers can see every muscle in her body working hard.

The post earned over 16,000 likes and dozens of comments within the first hour of being posted. Stephanie’s 1.8 million Instagram followers were impressed with her performance and many left compliments on her sculpted physique.

“You’re the epitome of strength, grace and femininity. Such an inspiration!” one Instagram user commented.

“Awesome post! I am lover of the sumo and the warm up. These are great!” another fan wrote.