Fitness Trainer Lauren Simpson Flaunts Sculpted Backside In Thong Bikini For 'Booty Band' Workout

On Friday, fitness trainer Lauren Simpson flaunted her sculpted figure for her 1.8 million Instagram followers while teaching them some of her favorite glute exercises using an elastic band.

For the workout, the blond beauty wears a lime green two-piece bikini that puts plenty of bronzed skin on display. The strapless top leaves her chiseled back muscles and toned tummy uncovered while the thong bottoms do little to cover her perfectly sculpted backside. As she moves through the exercises, viewers can watch every single one of her muscles in action, including her strong legs.

Lauren wears her platinum blond tresses pulled back in a low and messy bun while her face is made up with a generous application of black mascara and eyeliner.

The fitness trainer completes the workout poolside with a manicured lawn, comfortable lounge area, and blue ocean making up the background. The first video in the post has the words "Booty Band" written in pink across the frame that fade out as she begins. All exercises in the workout require the use of an elastic band.

Lauren starts with angled step outs. This exercise involves wrapping the band around the thighs just above the knees and stepping back and slightly to the side with one leg for a specific number of repetitions before alternating to the other leg. The trainer stands with her body angled slightly forward and her hands clasped in front of her chest.

The second exercise consists of lateral steps. Lauren stands with her legs apart, leaving the band in the same place and alternating between sides, and she steps out twice in a horizontal direction. After the steps, Lauren moves into squat triple pulses. Moving into a squat position, the trainer stays down instead of immediately standing back up and completes three pulses. The last exercise is the hip thrust, which has Lauren lying on her back with her legs bent at the knees. Without removing the exercise band, she pushes her hips up toward the sky and brings them back down, repeating this move several times.

In the caption of the post, Lauren tells her followers that the workout can be completed anywhere — at home, at the gym, or outdoors. She adds that they can use it as a mini workout on its own or tack it onto the end of a full glute workout.

The fitness guru's followers left plenty of compliments in the comments section, gushing over her sculpted figure and commenting on the idyllic location.

"You've changed my life! Exercises so simple!!" one Instagram user commented.