Spoilers For 'The Young And The Restless': Trouble For Tessa & Mariah

Stunning new The Young and the Restless spoilers show that there is serious trouble on the horizon for Tessa and Mariah when Tessa shows up unexpectedly to surprise Mariah, and she finds her girlfriend in a compromising position.

Since Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) went on tour with Tanner Watts (Chase Coleman), things in Genoa City with Mariah (Camryn Grimes) have gone crazy. She learned that Sharon (Sharon Case) has cancer. Then, Devon (Bryton James) closed Power Communication, and Mariah lost her job. Now when Mariah video chats with Tessa and sees Tanner there, she can't help but feel jealous.

Mariah actress Camryn Grimes recently discussed the turmoil Mariah is handling with Soap Opera Digest recently.

Mariah starts to worry that Tessa slept with her ex-husband while they were on the road together in such an intimate setting. When Mariah asks Tessa if she's sleeping with Tanner, it doesn't go well. Mariah has carried on a flirtation with Lindsay (Kirby Bliss Blanton), who tends the bar at Society. After a disastrous call with Tessa, Mariah decides to go home, and Lindsay offers to go with her.

"When everything comes falling down at once, the odds seem stacked against you. You're feeling really vulnerable, and that's when you are susceptible to make errors in your life," Grimes explained.

Of course, with Mariah in such a state, things with Lindsay go way over the line, and they give in to their physical attraction. At this point, life has beaten Mariah down, and she reaches for some comfort while she feels so alone. Lindsay is there and willing.

"That companionship and support is alluring to Mariah, especially in Tessa's absence," teased the actress. "I think that need and that want hits the override button on any wariness."

Unfortunately for Mariah, if she had waited a bit longer, Tessa would have been there to help her through the low moments. Tessa walks into their apartment to surprise her girlfriend, and instead, she gets an unwelcome shock when she sees Mariah in a compromising position with Lindsay. While it might be hurtful to Lindsay, she means nothing to Mariah, and she begs Tessa to understand that it was a moment of weakness. Mariah indulged in physical comfort with Lindsay, and she tries to get her girlfriend to see that.

"It's what it physically looks like, and it's also emotionally not what it looks like, but will Mariah's explanation be good enough?" Grimes wondered.

Although Mariah has forgiven Tessa plenty throughout the course of their time together, this is a big betrayal, and it might be hard for Tessa to come to terms with it.