Michelle Lewin Flaunts Chiseled Physique In Sports Bra And Briefs For New Photo

Michelle Lewin attends a MAXIM event in Hollywood
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Michelle Lewin gave her fans an eyeful on Thursday with the latest photo on her Instagram page. In the shared snapshot, the popular fitness model rocked a black sports bra and matching briefs that showed off her chiseled physique. In the mirror selfie, Michelle turned her body to one side which helped to emphasize her bombshell hip-to-waist ratio. She wore her bleach-blond hair up in a ponytail and seemed to wear dark eyeliner and mascara to accentuate her natural beauty.

In the caption, Michelle revealed that the post wasn’t just meant to tantalize her followers. In it, she thanked her fans for how appreciative they’ve been of her workout programs. She added that she was happy to play a role in their fitness goals, but stressed that the most important aspect of the journey was the effort they devote to improving their bodies.

Michelle also reminded her followers not to worry about the number that they see when they step on the scale, as muscle weighs more than fat. She encouraged them to focus on getting to a point where they like what they see in the mirror instead.

Her motivational caption ended with a call to her followers to take the first step toward their goals and promised to be the motivation they need to keep them from backsliding.

The photo has amassed over 100,000 likes since it was uploaded, and more than 550 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, fans raved over Michelle’s fit figure. While many of the comments were in Michelle’s native Spanish, her English-speaking fans complimented her as well.

“Your body is very beautiful,” one person wrote.

“Best body of Instagram award goes to…. @michelle_lewin,” another added.

Others responded to the motivational message in her caption.

“Thank you @michelle_lewin that’s the purpose of living by sharing a meaningful life and doing good actions like you, well done and go ahead,” one a third commenter gushed. “God bless you immensely.”

One fan specifically thanked her for one of her previous exercise demonstrations.

“My glutes are burning today, thanks to your video!” they wrote. “Love it!!”

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What’s up, ladies!? -Thank you for all you messages and posts showing your progress with my workout plans. You are soooo amazing!! Happy I can be a part of your healthy life style. ❤️????????❤️ To all of you reading this: -I am here to help you, and I gladly do it????????‍♀️ But if you´re still looking for that one person that will change you life, then take a look in the mirror. THAT’S your real challenge. It’s not the weight scale, since that can be misleading due to muscle weighs much more than fat. It’s… what you see in the mirror. And to like what you see, mindset is key. How many times have you said “I wish”? Quite a few times, right?????????‍♀️ Well, wishing won’t change anything. You have to actually start doing. Most of the times, the most difficult step is the first one. When you have taken that first step, I am here to constantly kick your butt to keep you going and going until your goals are reached, or even exceeded. ???????????????? With that being said: -I am hereby officially your personal butt kicker. ???????????? And I’m proud of it.

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The commenter was likely referring to a video series Michelle uploaded on Monday in which she did a booty-focused workout that included more than one version of a cable machine kickback and diagonal lunges done without weights.

In the clip, the Venezuelan beauty flaunted her figure in a pair of yellow leggings and a black sports bra.

The post has been liked close to 100,000 times, and more than 1,300 Instagram users have commented on it.