‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Detail That Jason Steps Up For Elizabeth As She Panics Over Cameron

Steve Burton plays Jason Morgan on 'General Hospital'
Nick Agro / ABC

A lot of people in Port Charles will be scrambling during Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers reveal that Jason will go all-out to help Elizabeth as the mob war between Sonny and Cyrus reaches new levels.

During Thursday’s episode, Cameron was able to get a text to Elizabeth, letting her know that he and Trina had been kidnapped. Liz was understandably frantic after seeing the text and she immediately reached out to Jason. The two of them have had their tough moments over the years, but when there’s an emergency situation like this, she knows that she can count on him.

Liz was able to send Jason the information Cameron had sent her about the supposed ride-share driver. Jason admitted that he knew who the man was, recognizing him as someone working for Cyrus. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason will promise Elizabeth that he’ll take care of this.

The sneak peek for the next show suggests that Jason will urge Elizabeth not to call the police. However, it appears that she will do just that. At some point, with Franco standing by her side, she will make a phone call and note that she needs to report a kidnapping.

Cameron and Trina are at a warehouse with the henchman, and Taggert was lured there for a confrontation. Curtis is outside, arriving after Taggert called and asked him for help. Now, it seems that Jason will soon manage to figure out where they are as well.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Spinelli will be coming through in some way during Friday’s show. Given what transpired on Thursday, fans might guess that Jason will call Spinelli and ask him to track the driver’s vehicle.

It seems likely that things will move quickly at the warehouse. Taggert will be trying to get Cyrus’ man to let Trina and Cameron go and Curtis seems likely to get involved soon. If Spinelli pins down the location where they are and Jason rushes in, it’s not a stretch to think that things could get out of hand with shots being fired.

Soap Central details that next week brings a horrible crisis for Port Charles, and fans have a hunch this crisis will develop as this warehouse situation proceeds. It is known that multiple people will be rushed to General Hospital’s emergency room, and fans will be anxious to see who is injured.

Will Jason be the one to save the day, will Curtis have to reveal himself, and can Trina and Cameron get out of this scary situation safely? General Hospital spoilers don’t reveal much about what comes next, but viewers are quite anxious to see Friday’s show to find out what the writers have in mind.