Australian Cosplay Model Kayla Erin Rocks Topless Nun Costume In Scandalously Racy Photo

Kayla Erin snaps mirror selfie wearing a white T-shirt and rocking red hair.
Kayla Erin / Instagram

Kayla Erin tantalized her 854,000 Instagram fans with a scandalous new photo of herself dressed as a sexy nun. On Thursday, February 27, the Australian cosplay model took to the popular social media platform to share the post that showed her in a topless costume that left little to be desired.

While the photo was a bit too racy to share here, readers who wish to take a peek at it can do so here.

Erin rocked a nun headpiece that included a black pleather veil that draped over her head, falling over her shoulders, and an inner layer, or coif, in contrasting white. The coif sat on the back on her head, revealing a bright blond wig that she wore underneath. The front of the wig was swept to the right, while loose strands fell on the left of her chest.

The model wore nothing at all on her torso, leaving her breasts naked for the most part. Erin covered each nipple with two strips of shiny black tape, creating a cross on each side. This tactic kept the photo within Instagram’s community guidelines that prevents nudity, including female nipples.

Erin wore long pleather gloves that reached to her upper arms. The gloves included pointy fingers that gave the model’s hands a witch-like appearance.

On her lower body, Erin rocked a pair of matching pleather bottoms that sat above her naval, hugging her midsection and leaving her upper stomach exposed.

Erin posed in front of an acrylic tile wall in a pinkish nude tone that contrasted with the sharp colors of her costume. The cosplayer posed with her hands pressing against each other in a praying gesture right in the middle of her chest.

The model also opted to wear a full face of makeup, including bright red lipstick, heavy black eyeliner, and a generous amount of black mascara. Erin shot a coquettish look at the camera, her lips turned in a daring half-smile.

Unsurprisingly, the post drew a lot of attention from her fans and followers. In just a few hours, the photo has been liked more than 35,700 times and commented on over 275 times. Instagram users flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts about the racy costume, adding saucy messages and emoji.

“If Nuns ACTUALLY dressed like that there would be A LOT more people in church,” one user joked, attracting neatly 30 likes to the comment.

“Oh she CUTE cute,” said another fan, trailing the message with a red heart, hands-raised, and a heart-eyes emoji.

“Best one yet absolutely perfect,” a third fan chimed in.