‘Monochroma’ Spiritual Successor To ‘Limbo’

Monochroma is being called the spiritual successor to Limbo.

Limbo was known from the start as a game that sported varying degrees of black and white graphics casting everything in silhouette, making for a sufficiently creepy experience. Even though it wasn’t technically a horror game, it was considered one of the best horror games ever made, just because of its atmosphere.

Monochroma is very similar, in that you control a small boy in a dark world littered with dangerous obstacles. It’s a puzzle game with a gothic feel. However, Monochroma adds an element to what made Limbo so memorable.

The boy must lead his little sister through the dark, oppressive puzzle-based world.

Along for the atmospheric ride are corn fields, rain fall, and lightning right from the start. Everything else is creepily quiet, such as farms and abandoned silos. Soon you come across someone in the background with a kite and follow them. It turns out to be the little sister you have to lead to safety, and thus the journey begins. Sounds simple enough, right? The little sister is afraid of the dark, and there are some puzzles you have to figure out solo, which means leaving her alone. She will only stay put where there is light.

Other obstacles include a log you have to ride through a sawmill and jump off at the last minute, a burly factory worker that spots the trespassing children, which ends with a dramatic leap through a window, and a burning barrel you have to use to cross a lake of gasoline (so you have to put out the fire first).

There are certain things that add a little color to the dark world of Monochroma, adding a tone of red. The boy’s scarf is among the red tones, as well as a tractor parked in a barn.

Nowhere Studios says Monochroma will be available for download to PC around this summer.

Are you interested in playing Limbo‘s spiritual successor, Monochroma?