Brielle Biermann Flaunts Her Curves In A Skimpy Pink Bikini: 'Coconuts Don't Fall Far From The Tree'

Brielle Biermann showed off her enviable hourglass figure in a scanty string bikini during a trip to the Bahamas. On Wednesday, the 23-year-old Don't Be Tardy star took to Instagram to share a photo of her vibrant two-piece with her 1.3 million followers. She also cracked a joke about coconuts.

Brielle's hot pink bathing suit included a classic triangle top with adjustable cups and thin ties around the neck and back. The garment put her cleavage on full display, and her equally tiny bottoms also left little to the imagination. They were the popular loincloth style that can be adjusted to provide more or less coverage. Brielle was wearing them slightly scrunched inwards to expose more skin. The bottoms' long string ties were secured right above her hip bones.

Brielle's bikini showed off her toned stomach, shapely thighs, and curvy hips. The garment's bright color also looked striking against her deep tan.

The brunette beauty wore her long, thick tresses down in beachy waves. She was wearing minimal or no makeup, but her skin looked flawless. Her dark eyebrows were expertly sculpted, and her lips were a soft, natural shade of pink.

Brielle was pictured posing in the shade of a palm tree outside of what appeared to be a luxury resort. More palm trees and other tropical greenery surrounded the building behind her. In the caption of her post, Brielle seemingly used a quip about coconuts to compare herself to her similarly curvaceous mother, Kim Zolciak-Biermann.

Brielle's fresh-faced bikini photo proved to be a big hit with her fans. Her Instagram followers pressed the "like" button on her post over 68,000 times, and they shared hundreds of remarks in the comments section. A few fans suggested that her picture makes the perfect diet inspiration.

"Putting the piece of chocolate cake back right this very minute, I mean I wasn't really going to eat it anyway! Summer body here I come!" read one response to the sizzling snapshot.

"Haha! A minute on the lips... lifetime on the hips," Brielle replied.

The photo also had one of the slender star's followers questioning her claims about how often she eats fast food from Chick-fil-A.

"I eat it EVEEYDAY," Brielle wrote of her fondness for the chicken chain.

"Damnnnn If I looked like this I would never wear clothes," read another fan's remark.

According to the geotag that Brielle added to her photo, it was taken in Nassau. She turned 23 years old on Tuesday, and she decided to mark the occasion by heading to the Bahamas. On her birthday, she uploaded a stunning video that was filmed during a trip to Paradise Island. She was wearing a gorgeous sundress and taking a sunset stroll on a white sand beach.