February 27, 2020
Jordyn Woods Shows Fans Her Workout Routine

Jordyn Woods took to her Instagram story to share her gym regimen with her 11.3 million followers. The model often posts workout clips and pictures, but this time she decided to go more in-depth when documenting the process.

She wore a black, long-sleeved shirt and camouflage yoga pants. She paired her workout clothes with a pair of neon yellow sneakers.

In the first video, Jordyn explained what she and her trainer were focusing on in that clip.

"Today we were working [on] hip rotation and placement," Jordyn wrote.

In the shot, she stretched one leg out behind her with her toes pointing downward on a bench. She then squatted down from that position, bending her knees. At first, she had her hands on her thighs, but she soon switched them into a prayer position in front of her face.

In the second clip, which was filmed from the back, Jordyn knelt down on a cushion and used her arms to pull down on hangers that lifted weights.

The third slide was a still image of the Instagram star kneeling on a small mat. Her braided hair was pulled up in a bun, and her face was blocked by a message.

"Focus on the good," it read.

In the fourth video piece, Jordyn got ready to do pullups. She climbed onto the bungee cord at the bottom of the pullup bar machine. She revealed in an empowering note that this exercise was her "weakness," but she wouldn't give up.

"Gotta start somewhere..," she captioned the video. "Pull ups my weakness soon to be my strength."

In a fifth clip, Jordyn sat on a yoga mat with her knees bent as she slightly tilted backward. She held a large medicine ball in her hands, moving it from one side of her body to the other to work out her core.

In this video, she responded to a fan who asked how her gym journey was going.

"It's a fun but never ending journey," Jordyn answered. "The most difficult part for me is consistency when my schedule gets really busy but working out every day is therapeutic."

In addition to her workouts, Jordyn also frequently posts photos of various outfits on her Instagram grid and story.

In one of her most recent looks, she rocked an all-black ensemble that consisted of skintight silk pants and a cropped, long-sleeved tee. She paired the get-up with a Louis Vuitton purse.