Krissy Cela Powers Through Intense Cardio Workout In Gray Leggings And Pink Sports Bra For New Instagram Video

Krissy Cela poses for a selfie on her Instagram page
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Fitness model Krissy Cela added a heart-pumping new workout video to her Instagram page on Wednesday, and fans are loving it. Dressed in a pair of flattering gray leggings and a pink bra with crisscrossed strap details at the back, the brunette beauty used a treadmill in the video to knock out her cardio-focused set. She started with a 20-second sprint followed by a set of jumping squats. In the caption, she recommended doing 20 reps of this exercise. After she was done with her squats, Krissy headed back to the treadmill for another sprint but followed that with a series of jumping lunges. Much like the squats she did earlier, Krissy also recommended doing 20 of these moves.

In her caption, Krissy revealed that she has been developing a mini-gym at her home and bought the small portable treadmill to add to her budding collection of exercise equipment. Although, she said that it “got the job done” she wondered if it was the right size for her or whether she was too big for it.

The clip has been viewed over 120,000 times as of this writing and more than 350 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, fans expressed their appreciation for the video.

“The way to make cardio fun!” one fan said about Krissy’s video before adding a fire emoji to their comment. “Gotta try this”

Others complimented Krissy for expertly using the tiny treadmill for the intense workout.

“Tinniest treadmill I’ve ever seen! That’s gotta take skill,” a second commenter added. “I’d be falling off the sides all the time!”

Others expressed that they’d had negative experiences with mini treadmills and encouraged Krissy to be careful with it.

“A treadmill like that exact one messed up my whole back and neck so much, only the sturdier bigger gym ones seems to work for me,” a third commenter added.

In the clip, the treadmill jerked around slightly as she ran on it and it caused the potted plant in front of it to move as well. Krissy noticed this and jumped into the comments section to talk about it.

“Oi I’m actually creasing at how the plant pot is moving like that!!!!!!!!” she wrote. “Oh my god sis calm down on the mini treadmill, please.”

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⭐️ CARDIO CHALLENGE TAG YOUR BESTIE ????‍♀️ AND DARE THEM TO TRY THIS ONE Here’s some a news for you familia… I’m currently building a little at home gym (project is fully in swings) and I got myself this mini treadmill from amazon that I can fold up which I thought was pretty dandy… but question is am I too big or is the treadmill too small ???? either way does the job and I actually tried this challenge which is going live on the @toneandsculptapp REAL SOON! Give this ago!! METHOD: 1️⃣ 20 Seconds sprints 20 jumping squats 30 seconds rest repeat 5 times 2️⃣ 20 Seconds sprints 20 jumping lunges 30 seconds rest repeat 5 times SONG BY: @aymenvalentino Feeling You WHAT AN ABSOLUTE BANGER !!!!on repeat right now! ???????? #toneandsculpt #cardio #cardioworkout

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In her previous video post, Krissy focused on training her back with a workout that included seated cable rows, rear flys, isolated rows and more.

“I hope you love this and it helps and you give it ago because remember you gotta be training every muscle equally!” she wrote in the caption.