Julia Rose Shows Off Booty In Tugged-Down Pants On Instagram

Julia Rose takes a selfie.
Julia Rose / Instagram

Julia Rose shared a few new Instagram photos in the past week and her newest one was all about her booty. The hottie posed in a neon-pink bikini and posed with her pants tugged down below her booty.

In the sizzling picture, the model stood with her back angled towards the camera and gazed over her shoulder with a sultry expression on her face and her lips slightly parted. She wore her hair down and her wavy locks obscured her left eye with the rest falling around her shoulders and down her upper back. Her dark roots were visibly mixed in with her blond highlights. Julia’s makeup application was hard to discern, although it looked like she sported light pink lipstick.

The model’s neon swimsuit featured a high-rise thong and she held the waistline of her green pants for the snap. Her top had a small cut and a hint of her bare sideboob peeked through with the bright color popping against her deeply tanned body.

The sensation stood in front of a modern bathroom counter. The counter was a shiny wood with a circular vessel sink and a wall-mounted spout. Above that was a circular mirror, and it was mounted on the white tiled wall. Behind Julia was an open doorway that led to a bedroom that was dimly lit. On the other hand, the bathroom was flooded with light, including sunlight that hit the side of her bare derrière and the wall in the hallway.

The geotag noted that the stunner was in Los Angeles, California.

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i love wednesdays no butts about it

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The beauty’s adoring followers took to the comments section with plenty of compliments.

“If perfectly Tan had a Picture in the Dictionary,” raved an admirer.

“Imagine being in the same room as you,” wrote a second fan.

Others responded to her joking caption about “butts.”

“And i love your hotness every day of the week,” declared a third supporter.

“You definitely make it very enjoyable, you look absolutely amazing!!” exclaimed a social media user.

Julia has been showing off all of her curves in a variety of outfits lately, and posted another snap on January 28 that showcased her derrière. That time, the model held the sides of her behind with her hands and went topless, wearing just a pair of small thong bottoms. The bombshell smiled widely and stood in a white outdoor patio area with a couple of barbecues. The area was decorated with hammocks, lounge chairs, and a potted green plant.