Ben Simmons’ Sister Called His Fans ‘A**holes’ In Epic Twitter Rant, Says Brother Blocked Her On Social Media

The Sixers star's sister unloaded on fans with profanity-laced rant and admitted her brother blocked her on Twitter.

Ben Simmons watches the Sixers play the Hornets
Mitchell Leff / Getty Images

The Sixers star's sister unloaded on fans with profanity-laced rant and admitted her brother blocked her on Twitter.

News broke earlier this week regarding Ben Simmons‘ injured back and how long he would be sidelined. The All-Star’s sister, Liv Alice Simmons, went on an expletive-filled Twitter tirade defending her brother against trolls.

On Monday, it was announced that Simmons would undergo an MRI to determine the severity of his back injury. The Philadelphia 76ers guard’s sister noticed some people were trolling her brother on Twitter so she decided to go on the offensive.

She retweeted an outlet reporting on the injury and added a comment directed at people who questioned the 23-year-old’s durability.

“This is bigger than basketball. Some of u f*cktards need to be nicer to my brother you’re a**holes.”

Liv, 28, was protective of her younger brother and on several occasions made reference to how “crazy” she is. Simmons says she has no fear because she is self-employed and answers to no one.

“I’m sick of it. People think they can talk to me crazy. No motherf*cker I’m the crazy one and you’ll learn,” she tweeted, “I’m not employed by anyone but myself,” she added.

One fan responded to her profanity-laced tweets by saying it was not “lady like.” Simmons unloaded on the Philadelphia sports fan by telling him to “suck my lady balls.”

After posting several vitriolic tweets, the 76ers guard’s sister ended her rant by wishing people a great week except for the trolls who she wished bodily harm on. The following day she continued hurling insults at fans and responded to tweets about her online outbursts.

She clarified her earlier statements saying all the nasty tweets are directed at people who sent direct messages hoping her brother never plays again.

A Twitter user replied to one of her tweets by asking if there was validity to the claim that Ben Simmons had blocked her. The older sister confirmed that was true and said this was typical for siblings to do.

“Yep and I’ve blocked him. We are siblings before all this. Like we’ve been blocking each other since the beginning of time.”

On Wednesday morning, she tweeted about a local radio station reporting on her Twitter rant. Simmons said she would gladly appear on any show to talk about her comments and added that she loves Philadelphia.

“I ride so hard for the city of Philadelphia just to be sh*t on,” she tweeted.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Ben Simmons will sit with a back injury for at least two weeks, at which time he will be reevaluated. There is no set timetable for his return.