Hungarian Fitness Model Anita Herbert Shows Off Shredded Body In Tiny Shorts And Sports Bra

Anita Herbert snaps a mirror selfie at the gym in a black sports bra.
Anita Herbert / Instagram

Anita Herbert showed off her shredded physique to her 2.2 million Instagram fans on Wednesday, February 26, with a photo of herself in minuscule shorts and a sports bra.

The snapshot showed the Hungarian fitness model standing between a workout machine against a black backdrop. Herbert was on balls on her feet and with her legs positioned apart in a way that caused the muscles of her calves and quads to stand out. Herbert placed her hands on the structure of the machine on either side, which also showcased the musculature of her upper body. The trainer had her head turned to the left and her gaze down. Herbert did not add a geotag to her post or reveal her location in the caption.

Herbert rocked a mismatched workout set. On her upper body, she had on a white sports bra that contrasted with her deeply tanned complexion. The top has thick straps that went over her shoulders, offering a good amount of support. The bra also included a neckline that dipped into her chest, putting her ample cleavage on display. A tiny cutout in the middle showed off a bit of skin on her chest area as well.

The fitness model teamed her top with a pair of tiny purple-blue shorts that sat ultra-low on her frame. The shorts boasted some delicate print in white. The garment was so small that it exposed Herbert’s killer lower obliques and abs. Her toned quads were also fully visible.

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Herbert did not reveal where her outfit was from. The model wore her raven hair parted on the side and styled down. Her straight, silky tresses fell behind her shoulders, with the exception of a strand that fell onto her chest on the left side.

Herbert also opted to wear a face full of makeup, marked particularly by her dark, long lashes and light pink lipstick. According to the tag, her makeup was the work of Cary Wingard.

The photo proved to be popular with her fans. In less than three hours, the post has garnered more than 20,300 likes and upwards of 360 comments. Users of the social media platform took to the comments section to rave about Herbert’s physique and to express their admiration for the fit model and coach.

“Great post!! You look amazing!” one fan raved, adding a fire emoji after the words.

“That body is [three fire emoji]! WOW,” replied another user.

“Your physique is incredible,” a third one added, including a heart-eyes emoji and a fire at the end of the comment.