$30,000 Found In Clothes Returned To Owner

30000 Found In Clothes

$30,000 found inside clothes was returned to its owner by a woman who believes in karma. The money was found in clothes donated to her by a relative.

The clothes came from Carol Sutor’s cousin, whose daughter’s mother-in-law had passed away. Sutor certainly could have used the money for herself but decided that being honest was better to her than using someone else’s money to pay off her bills.

The cash was unknowingly donated and the woman who dropped off the clothes didn’t even know it existed. Sutor stated of the $30,000, “I had to give it back. I believe in karma, whatever I do will come back to me, good or bad.” Sutor added of discovering the money:

“So I go through the clothes and I come across a canvas bag on a hangar. In the bag was a plastic bag. So I’m thinking, well, maybe it’s a pair of bedroom slippers or something. So I unwrapped the bag, and there was another bag in another bag in another bag, one of those deals, you know? So I’m thinking maybe what’s in here are important papers. So I opened up the last bag, and got a surprise.”

That surprise was $30,000 in hundred dollar bills. For her, the unexpected money would have been a blessing. As the owner of Advantage Insurance, she was a victim of the weak economy, which hurt her business. But as she said, everyone’s struggling now. She added that she called her cousin up and told her about the $30,000 she found in the donated clothes.

Her cousin, Marlene Lattanzi, couldn’t believe it, but Sutor still counted the money and called her back, confirming the amount. Still not believing it, Lattanzi arrived and counted the money. She ended up taking it home with her. Sutor added, “Ten minutes later my cousin comes back and hands me $1,000 of the money. Her son-in-law said thank-you for returning his mother’s money.”

The money was likely misplaced after Superstorm Sandy ruined the woman’s home. Even though she was 85, her death was not expected. But she never told anyone about the money. While it’s not clear what good karma will come Carol Sutor’s way for returning the $30,000 she found in donated clothes, she is still looking forward to what might happen.

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