Gameloft Teases Possible ‘Iron Man 3’ Mobile Game

Gameloft Teases Iron Man game

Gameloft has put out a tweet that seems to be hinting at an Iron Man 3 game coming to the iPad. On Twitter earlier today the company issued a tweet that simply shows two, glowing rectangular eyes and the date of March 27. It is pretty clear that the eyes are those that you would see on Iron Man’s mask.

While we will know for certain tomorrow it seems more than likely that this is a tie-in to the Iron Man 3 movie that is coming out in a couple of months.

The mobile gaming company certainly likes to tease their new games like this and at this point we know its a pretty safe bet that such a move is indeed pointing to something big tomorrow.

The icing on the cake is that the background of the glowing eyes and the date is what appears to be an iPad. Of course it really could be any tablet, as most now have the camera at the top.

There definitely appears to be a lean towards the iOS in the picture at the very least. Gameloft does tend to release their games for both the iOS and Android platforms at the same time, rather than releasing one version and another, months later.

While we won’t know what kind of game this teased title is until its actually released, the company has a long and proud history of putting together decent brawlers when they build games built on Super Heroes.

The tweet is certainly short on details, but it stands to reason that at some point, gamers will be taking on Mandarin, just like Tony Stark does in the movie. Will the Iron Patriot be included in this game?

Will Pepper Potts get her own armor in this as well? And how much will Gameloft tease the actual movie with the release of this game?