Marco Rubio Says That Democrats Promised 'Reefer For Everyone' At Tuesday's Debate, Twitter Is OK With That

Florida Senator Marco Rubio got a reaction that he might not have been expecting on Twitter Tuesday night. After tweeting that the participants in the Democratic debate promised "reefer for everyone," several users of the social media platform signaled that would be just fine with them.

As HuffPost reports, Rubio watched or at least kept up with Tuesday night's Democratic debate, which took place in South Carolina. Following the debate, he took to Twitter to offer up his own analysis of what the Democratic candidates for the 2020 nomination were offering.

"To recap tonight's Democratic debate. If they are elected you will get govt controlled internet, energy, schools and health care," he wrote.

But it was the final sentence of his analysis that got Twitter rolling.

"And as a bonus, reefer for everyone!," he wrote.

To be fair, the topic of marijuana legalization did come up during the debate, although none of the candidates used the word "reefer," and none of them promised it "for everyone."

And though Rubio clearly is no fan of cannabis -- he says on his website that he is absolutely opposed to marijuana legalization -- it seems that some of his Twitter followers, whether they support him as a politician or they simply follow him in order to keep up with what he's been tweeting, are quite OK with the idea of "reefer for everyone."

One user, for example, used Kermit the Frog to express their excitement at the idea.

Others wondered whether Rubio himself might have been under the influence of weed when he wrote his tweet.

"Marco, are you high right now?," wrote one user.

"man are you under the impression that you don't sound high as hell whenever you tweet," wrote another.

Several other users noted the similarities between the "reefer for everyone" tweet and the "taco truck on every corner" debacle from 2016. For those who don't remember, at the time conservative political activist Marco Gutierrez suggested that if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the election, there would be a "taco truck on every corner." Several Twitter users suggested that they would be just fine with that.

And finally, many were taken aback by Rubio's use of the word "reefer" to describe marijuana.
As previously reported by The Inquisitr, with the exception of former Vice President Joe Biden, all of the 2020 Democratic candidates for president support legalizing marijuana, although their plans vary in the specifics.