Super Bowl Ad Featuring Tim Tebow, Pro Life Message, Draws Criticism

Tim Tebow Superbowl Ad

The Super Bowl won’t air until February 7th, but one of the CBS approved ads for that date is already drawing criticism before it even airs. The commercial uses Tim Tebow, the evangelical QB from Florida who’s heading to the NFL draft this season as he spews pro life rhetoric alongside his mom.

According to a report by USAToday the commercial plays out at such:

…it’s a pro-family spot with Tim and his mom, Pam, sharing her personal story exemplifying their opposition to abortion. She ignored doctors advice to abort a potential problem pregnancy and, resting on her faith, carried Tim to term. According to Associated Press, Tim Tebow told reporters Sunday he was honoring his “courageous” mom and holds a religious conviction against abortion.

The issue among critics? The subcontext of the full ad sends the message: I love my family more than you love yours and God honors my choices, not yours.

It’s hard to see those exact messages based on the synopsis of the ad, so we’ll have to wait until the Super Bowl airs to see the full context.

Adding to the objections is the organization standing behind the ad, advocacy group Focus on the Family, which has a history of speaking out against gay marriage, reproductive rights education (other than abstinence) and the opposition to legal abortion.

The move seems odd on the part of CBS executives who stopped an ad from airing in 2004 because of the ads liberal message from the United Church of Christ towards gays in the church, a move CBS officials thought would alienate conservatives.

CBS message delivered loud and clear, it’s okay to insult part of your viewing audience, but only if you agree with the ideology yourself.