Fitness Trainer Lauren Simpson Flaunts Sculpted Booty In Thong Bikini

Lauren Simpson, a fitness trainer who posts workouts and inspirational photos on Instagram, took to the photo-sharing site on Tuesday to flaunt her chiseled physique and answer fan questions about glute muscle training.

The 2018 WBFF Bikini World Champion stuns in the photo, which features two snaps of the model placed side by side in the same frame. She wore a tiny bikini that showed off plenty of skin. The two-piece had a red-orange base color with alternating white and black stripes on top. Facing her back towards the camera, Lauren showed off her myriad of muscles, which were visible without her needing to flex.

A peek of sideboob was visible in the photo on the left of the composite. The fitness trainer posed by angling her upper body slightly towards the camera, turning her head back and giving a close-lipped smile. She wore her platinum blond hair up in a high bun with loose strands falling down the back of her head. Her glam look consisted of a thick coating of black mascara and eyeliner, as well as pink painted lips.

In the photo on the right, Lauren had her back completely turned to the camera with her head slightly turned to the side. Her followers got an unobstructed view of her muscular figure, which highlighted her sculpted glute muscles that were left uncovered by the thong bikini bottoms.

In the caption of the post, the fitness guru revealed her motives behind a double-photo post that placed emphasis on her pert backside by responding to the three most common glute questions she receives. The questions included whether glute muscles can be trained more than once a week, how quad dominant people can isolate their glute muscles, and the best cardio for glutes.

Lauren then went on to promote her Power Booty Program sale, which is a glute muscle training program. Also included in the sale are a nutrition eBook and supplements.

The blond bombshell's 1.8 million followers left nearly 30,000 likes and hundreds of comments on the post in the first day of it being live. Many of her fans asked questions pertaining to their own fitness goals and experiences, while others commented on her fitness program. Several expressed that the model serves as a huge inspiration and that they want a body similar to hers.

"Just bought your booty and nutrition program, cant wait to start," one Instagram user commented.

"Great post!!! You have the best glutes in the world," another follower chimed in.