Blond Bombshell Sarah Houchens Looks Smoking Hot In A Red String Bikini On Instagram

Sarah Houchens poses for a photo.
Sarah Houchens / Instagram

In an Instagram snap shared with her fans Wednesday, Sarah Houchens sizzled in a skimpy string bikini.

In the revealing post, the blond bombshell stunned as she rocked a red bikini with a classic triangle top that tied around her neck and around her back. She added a pair of matching bottoms that tied at the sides.

The skimpy bathing suit showed off the model’s toned arms, cleavage, flat tummy, rock hard abs, tiny waist, curvy hips, round booty and lean legs.

Sarah had her golden locks parted to the side and styled in sleek, straight strands that engulfed her shoulders. She wore no jewelry, but did accessorize the beach look with some light-pink polish on her fingernails.

Sarah angled her body to the side and posed with one hip pushed out and her arms hanging at her sides. She looked away from the camera with a sultry stare on her face.

The personal trainer opted for a full face of makeup in the photo. The application consisted of sculpted eyebrows, pink eye shadow, long lashes and black eyeliner. She completed the glam look with pink blush on her cheeks, a shimmering highlighter on her face, and dark pink gloss on her lips. She also rocked a glowing tan all over her body.

In the caption of the photo, Sarah went in depth with an inspirational message about knowing one’s worth and surrounding yourself with good people.

Of course, the model’s 710,000-plus followers made short work of showing their love and support for the photo. The post earned more than 2,100 likes and nearly 40 comments within the first 40 minutes after it was published to her feed.

“You have the prettiest look in the world. Pretty woman,” one of Sarah’s followers remarked in the comments section.

“You’re absolutely beautiful,” another admirer told the model.

“Drop dead gorgeous,” a third social media user wrote.

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Know the difference between those who feed your ego & those who feed your soul ????❤️ _ Your ego is not who you really are. The ego is your self image. It is your social mask; it is the role you are playing. Your social mask thrives on approval. It wants control & it is sustained by power because it lives in fear. _ TBH sometimes I find it hard to truly be my real self in this world of social media. I’ve done my fair share of playing the role of a “fitness model” but I’ve always just been me, and it’s interesting how much people can lose themselves in this social media culture. I’m thankful to have such loving friends and family to remind me of what really matters in life: love and connection NOT image or social approval. _ I challenge you to not focus so much on image or what people think of you and instead focus on how you really feel and surrounding yourself with things and people that make you truly happy. Because I know from experience that seeking happiness through what you look like or seeking approval from others will not make you happy and will more than likely make you feel worse about yourself. _ Who are you when all the things that feed your ego fall away? _ #wednesdaywisdom #foodforthought #selfgrowth #fitnessjourney

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“Your body is so fit and beautiful. I love the color red on you, it really brings out your tan and beautiful blonde hair. We love you Sarah!” a fourth comment read.

While the model is known for strutting her stuff in skimpy bikinis online, she also often showcases her curves in other outfits such as workout gear, tiny tops, booty shorts and tight pants.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sarah Houchens dropped jaws earlier this week when she posed in a pair of ridiculously tight jeans and a sexy black crop top. That post was also a popular one, racking in more than 13,000 likes and over 220 comments to date.