‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Suggest That Josslyn’s Crush On Dustin Is About To Intensify

Eden McCoy plays Josslyn on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

For quite some time now, General Hospital spoilers have been hinting that Josslyn Jacks would develop a serious crush on her high school English teacher Dustin Phillips. While there have been plenty of signs of this crush developing, it looks like it’s about to intensify and start causing issues.

During Tuesday’s episode, Josslyn talked with Cameron and Trina about the winter formal dance. She wasn’t planning on going, but she started to change her mind. This was due in part to learning that Cam and Trina were going together, but it was also because she found out that her teacher would be there as a chaperone.

As viewers know, Trina’s hope in going to the dance with Cam as her “date” is to make Joss jealous so that she’ll realize she should consider dating Cam. General Hospital spoilers tease that Trina and Cam may ultimately realize that they should be together, with this dance being the catalyst to spark those feelings.

Josslyn has been sweet on her teacher for a while now, even if she hasn’t exactly realized it. She connected with him over his suggestion that she start journaling, and these feelings clearly deepened when Dustin saved the day during the mob attack on the docks.

On Wednesday’s show, General Hospital spoilers note that Josslyn will talk with Dev about how people care for him. Joss has something of a crush on Dev, but he turned down her advances. It’s possible that now she’ll try to talk him into attending the dance with her as a friend, as it seems likely both teens will be in attendance.

In fact, General Hospital spoilers hint that the dance might be the setting for an attack or tragedy in the coming days. Could it be that Dustin ends up saving the day — or more specifically, Josslyn — during whatever seems to be trouble on the horizon? If that ends up being the case, it seems that this will further intensify Josslyn’s feelings for her teacher, and perhaps even propel her to cross a line and do something inappropriate.

Will Dustin see this coming, and would he allow himself to be pulled into an inappropriate situation with a teen student? Fans don’t think he would, but many do think there’s more to this teacher than what has been revealed so far.

Could there be a battle of sorts for Dustin’s affections? After all, he’s dating Lulu, Josslyn has a crush on him, and he’s got a romantic past with Brook Lynn. Given all that, General Hospital spoilers do seem to suggest that there’s trouble on the way due to this trio of dynamics.

SheKnows Soaps indicates that Joss will be surprised by something during Wednesday’s show, and the actress who plays Joss has teased via her Twitter page that things are about to get crazy. General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed much about what’s going to happen at this dance, but it looks like Wednesday’s episode will lay the groundwork for the chaos ahead.