Fitness Model Amanda Lee Flaunts Her Perky Booty In Tight Lilac Shorts

Amanda Lee takes a selfie
Amanda Lee / Instagram

Fitness model Amanda Lee gave her 12 million Instagram followers three new snapshots to rave over yesterday. The stunner loves to flaunt her toned body and curvy figure by wearing formfitting clothing that often reveals plenty of skin. On Tuesday, the stunner uploaded pics of herself rocking a lilac sports bra and matching shorts to the popular social media site.

Lee’s new photoshoot took place at a park, and she was surrounded by trees and foliage while she posed in the middle of a gravel walkway. She didn’t say where the images were taken.

The model’s outfit included a sports bra held up by spaghetti straps. Her breasts were given plenty of support by the built-in cups, but she still managed to display eye-catching cleavage in one photo. On her lower half, she wore a pair of high-waisted athletic shorts that hugged her round backside, making her booty look exceptionally curvy and perky. She credited her activewear to Bo and Tee.

As for footwear, Lee chose white tennis shoes and socks. She kept her accessories simple, opting for a thin pair of large hoop earrings, matching bracelets, and a fanny pack, which she wore across her shoulder.

Each new snapshot offered a different view of Lee’s voluptuous body. In the first shot, the camera was positioned in the middle of the pathway, and Lee looked back at it from over her shoulder. The second image was similar, except it was taken from a slightly different angle, and Lee closed her eyes. For the third and final image, the model took a selfie. She cut out her face and directed the camera downward at her front to capture her bodacious bust and toned abdomen.

For her walk in the park, Lee styled her blond hair into a high bun, leaving two long tendrils down on either side of her face. She also wore a light makeup application, coloring her full lips with pink lipstick and sculpting her thin eyebrows to add shape to them. The stunner also appeared to be wearing a little eyeshadow and mascara to give herself a soft smoky eye look. Finally, she dusted her cheeks and nose with bronzer and highlighter to accentuate their shape.

Lee’s post proved immensely popular, racking up close to 200,000 likes within 15 hours of going live. It also generated over 1,600 comments from her many fans and admirers, who were eager to praise her beauty and commend her inspirational caption.