Brunette Babe Natalie Roush Reclines In An Armchair While Wearing An Extra-Short White Dress

Natalie Roush takes a selfie
Natalie Roush / Instagram

Brunette babe Natalie Roush shared two sexy snapshots of herself earlier today on her Instagram feed that drove her many followers crazy. The influencer wore a low-cut white dress with a dangerously short hemline. Not only did she show off her incredible curves, but her toned thighs were also on display.

In the pic, Roush could be seen sitting in a high-back gray armchair. She didn’t say where the photo was taken, but it appeared to be in a residential home. Sunlight was visible streaming in through a nearby window. The camera was positioned in front of the stunner, capturing the majority of her torso and upper body in the still. The camera was only slightly moved between the two pics. She maintained a similar pose for both shots. One arm was folded across her chest, just below her bust, and the other was bent upwards. She rested her temple on her fingertips.

The model’s sexy chic dress revealed her cleavage and her breasts almost popped out of the gown’s plunging neckline. The center of her dress was tied together with corset-like ties. The outfit also appeared dangerously tight as it perfectly hugged her curves and her hourglass figure. The long-sleeves were slightly puffed up at the shoulders, and her hemline rode up her thighs, revealing several inches of her slender legs.

Roush opted not to wear much makeup if any at all. Her natural beauty was highlighted by her bare face. She also left her tousled brunette locks loose, letting them cascade down her right side. The beauty accessorized her outfit with a simple chain necklace and a silver ring.

The post was very popular with the hottie’s numerous admirers. It took less than five hours for it to reach upwards of 47,000 likes and close to 600 comments. Fans were eager to praise her on her sense of style and her impeccable curves.

“Definition of a queen,” gushed one admirer, inserting a heart eyes emoji to their remark.

“With all due respect, your beautiful,” wrote another user, adding a bouquet emoji to their comment.

“[Y]our body is the most beautiful I have ever seen,” raved a third contributor.

“You’re an angel beauty. Wonderful face. Perfect body. And gorgeous legs,” chimed in a fourth person.

Just yesterday, Roush shared a sizzling image of herself wearing scanty blue lingerie. The racy outfit made her thousands of admirers go wild — that image earned over 73,000 likes.