Sommer Ray Flaunts Underboob In Tiny Crop Top On Instagram

Sommer Ray has been keeping the flirty vibes alive on her Instagram feed the past week and heated things up today with her newest photo series. The stunning model shared three snaps in total and rocked a braless look in a tiny crop top.

The first snap was a close-up of Sommer's face, and she held onto a wrought-iron fence with her hands, glancing over at the camera with a coy expression on her face. A hint of her white top was visible, but her hair and makeup application were the focus. She wore her locks down in its naturally curly state and sported dark eye makeup and light lipstick.

The next picture gave her fans a better look at her as it captured her figure from her head down to her knees. The sensation stood with her left hand holding onto the fence and played with her hair with her right hand.

The shirt she wore read "Mode" in black, all-caps lettering. The top didn't fully contain her chest and her underboob was on display. She paired the top with a light turquoise thong with clear straps that put her booty on display.

Beside her was a wispy green plant with more greenery visible in the backdrop. The light streamed in from the side of the frame and lit up Sommer's arm and parts of her hair.

The final photo was in black-and-white, and it showed the beauty tugging at her bikini bottoms with her right hand. The monochrome scheme added to the dramatic feel and the lighting left her skin looking flawless.

Sommer's many fans took to the comments section to share their positive reactions.

"You are literally the most beautiful person in the world," raved an admirer.

"The prettiest of them all," declared a second supporter.

"I've been a really big fan for a long time sommer your [sic] the best!!" expressed a third social media user.

"Why it look like you in Jurassic park," asked a follower.

"I am," responded Sommer jokingly.

Sommer has been sharing lots of similarly sizzling pics this month and flaunted her underboob in an Instagram update earlier in February. She posted three photos in the series that time and rocked an orange bikini. She teamed the top -- which only covered the upper part of her chest -- with thong bottoms as she posed standing up with her left shoulder facing the camera. The model propped out her left foot and placed her hands on her hips, also wearing her hair down for the shot.