Video circulates of injured football player Cabanos

Popular soccer player from Paraguay’s World Cup team and Mexico’s Club America, Salvador Cabanas, remains in critical condition after being shot in the head early yesterday in a Mexico City bar.

Cabanas’ prognosis is still unclear after the shooting, and doctors admit that he’s not out of the woods yet:

Dr. Ernesto Martinez, who performed the surgery, said he was unable to remove the bullet, which is lodged in the back of Cabanas’ brain.

“We would do more damage if we tried to extract it,” Martinez told reporters at a news conference. “We cannot assure you that he is out of danger. He is young and healthy. That helps.”

As fans searched for information about the condition of the popular footballer, a video began circulating, allegedly taken from the bar’s security camera following the incident. The video below (in Spanish) seems to show the player lying injured after the incident. The image shown is still, and may be considered graphic.