Brunette Bombshell Gabriella Abutbol Shows Off Her Killer Body In A Tiny Black Bikini & Unbuttoned Shorts

Instagram model Gabriella Abutbol teased her 1.6 million followers by sharing three new photos that showed off her killer body. The vixen wore a black bikini with see-through plastic straps and a pair of denim shorts that she left unbuttoned and rolled down to give fans a view of her scanty bottoms.

The stunner's swimsuit included a triangular-cut bikini top that showed off the curves of her breasts. Her plunging cleavage was also exposed, and her followers were treated to a view of her perfectly tanned body. Her ribcage tattoo was also visible. Her bottoms were even more revealing than her top, and they peeked out from her light blue denim shorts.

Gabriella was kind enough to give her fans more than one shot to look at, each one offering a different view of her killer figure and beauty. The first pic showed the beauty looking into the distance while one finger lightly rested at the center of her chest, and her opposing hand hovered over her breast. In the second still, she smiled at someone past the camera and cupped her booty with both hands. For the third image, the beauty looked like she was adjusting her dark hair -- which was left down in lightly tousled waves -- to keep it from getting in her face. The model smiled brightly in the first two photos but looked a little more serious in the third.

Gabriella's Instagram geotag indicated that she was photographed at the "House of Happy Butts," in California. A palm tree was visible behind her in addition to a lush garden of other flowers and foliage.

The vixen accessorized her look with a pair of simple stud earrings, and she wore a light layer of makeup that accentuated her natural good looks.

Within less than three hours of going live, Gabriella's post earned over 40,000 likes and more than 300 comments. Fans flocked to her comments section and praised the beauty on her drop-dead gorgeous looks.

Several fans responded to Gabriella's caption, which asked fans to talk about the thing that makes them the happiest.

"Just being able to have another day because it's not guaranteed. And seeing Beauties like You," wrote one fan.

"[W]hen u post pictures like this," added another admirer.

"All I see is perfection!!!" exclaimed a third user.

"I love your smile. It's just always pure joy!!!" chimed in a fourth person.

A couple of days ago, Gabriella shared a flirty update of herself tugging playfully on her bikini bottoms.