‘The Bachelor’ Fans Think Chris Harrison’s Girlfriend May Have Revealed Who Peter Weber Picked

'The Bachelor' Peter Weber appears on 'Good Morning America'
Paula Lobo / ABC

Did someone close to the action on The Bachelor accidentally reveal Peter Weber’s pick this season? Some fans think that’s the case after a quickly-deleted tweet caught everybody’s attention during Monday night’s show.

Host Chris Harrison has been dating Entertainment Tonight correspondent Lauren Zima for a while now. Anyone who follows Chris and the franchise is likely familiar with Lauren, as she does a lot of interviews and features related to the show.

Now that Lauren and Chris are an item, she often joins him for visits during filming. It’s quite likely that she knows exactly how Peter’s season ends, even though detailed spoilers have been tough to pinpoint this time around.

During Monday night’s show, Lauren was live-tweeting as many The Bachelor fans do. At one point, she posted about Peter and Hannah Ann Sluss’ date and some think this was an accidental, but huge, spoiler.

As Just Jared details, Lauren deleted the post almost immediately after putting it up on Twitter. Despite that, it was live long enough for plenty of The Bachelor fans to spot it and screenshot it.

“Peter: ‘I know what I have with Hannah Ann: she’s someone I will be able to lean on always, 100% through the good and the bad times and it is the absolute best feeling in the world.’…HOW DOES HE NOT PICK HANNAH ANN THEN?!” Lauren tweeted.

Shortly after that tweet was deleted, Lauren posted a different version that left out the sentiment that Peter would be crazy not to pick Hannah Ann after that date. When a follower teased that she had seen the original tweet, Lauren said she deleted it because the wording had been confusing.

As Cosmopolitan notes, Lauren isn’t the only one who had The Bachelor fans buzzing after a social media post connected to Monday night’s episode. Peter himself shared a snapshot showing him in bed with Hannah Ann the morning after their Fantasy Suite date, breakfast trays on their laps.

However, Peter very quickly deleted that too. As some The Bachelor fans noted across social media, Madison Prewett probably wouldn’t be terribly thrilled to see that photo if she’s the one Peter picked. That seems especially the case given Madi’s frustration that Peter was intimate with one or both of his other ladies during the overnight date week.

There are no solid The Bachelor spoilers regarding Peter’s pick at this point, so fans are watching social media for any possible hint about this season’s outcome.

Was Lauren’s initial post an accidental spoiler or just confusing wording? One way or another, The Bachelor fans will see how things end in just a couple more weeks and viewers cannot wait for updates from Peter and his final pick.