'The Walking Dead': Danai Gurira Opens Up About Her Final Days On Set

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses the Season 10 return of AMC's The Walking Dead. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes and wish to avoid spoilers.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Walking Dead actor Danai Gurira revealed what it was like on the set of the hit zombie apocalypse drama series during her last days of filming. The actor, who is leaving the show at some point in the current season, opened up about what fellow cast members did for her during her final days on set.

"They did a lot of really cool things for me which I didn't expect," Gurira explained.

"Norman [Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead] organized this big fireworks display, which was really beautiful, and there was this really cool cake that was basically Michonne's sword… There was, of course, a lot of pain and saying goodbye and teariness, but it was such a free flow of love and that's what sticks with me the most."
Gurira is set to leave the hit zombie apocalypse drama series at some point in Season 10. This is due, in part, to a recurring role in the Marvel universe movies as Okoye. In addition, she has also ventured behind the scenes as she joined HBO Max in their adaptation of Americanah, where she will act as a writer for the new show.

"With writing, I feel like I'm always going to find the thing I need to find," Gurira explained about her involvement in the latter project.

"But in acting, you need to find it within [the] community, which can pose its own challenge. They're both exhilarating and excruciating and that's the beauty of storytelling."

Danai Gurira as Michonne and Kevin Carrol as Virgil, as seen in Episode 8 of AMC's 'The Walking Dead' Season 10
AMC | Gene Page

Previously, in The Walking Dead, Michonne had last been seen in the midseason finale episode for Season 10, where she met newcomer named Virgil (Kevin Carroll). He had been trying to steal a boat from Oceanside but was captured. Michonne, who wanted weapons to use against an antagonistic group called the Whisperers, agreed to accompany him on a return voyage to a fortified island where he and his family had been living. In exchange, Virgil would supply her with the much-needed weapons.

While it is not known yet which episode will be the final one for Michonne, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, a new synopsis for Episode 12 has detailed this character's trip to a remote island with the newcomer.

Season 10 of AMC's The Walking Dead will return on March 1.