Shawn Johnson Dishes On Her Parenting Style, Admits She Is A 'Micromanager'

Shawn Johnson welcomed her first child, a daughter named Drew Hazel East, last October, and she recently opened up about her parenting style. It turns out that the way she parents her daughter is different from that of her husband's, Andrew East.

"I'm the micromanager. I feel like every mom becomes it, just because you have this instinct of how you think your kid should be raised," the 28-year-old Olympic gymnast dished to Us Weekly.

"Dad will go over and do something and you're like, 'Oh no, she likes it this way.' We actually had a conversation about that the other day. I'm like, 'I'm sorry I have been working on it. I will try not to micromanage you,'" Shawn explained to the outlet.

While Shawn admits that besides being a micromanager, she also likes to keep on a schedule, her husband is the opposite. Shawn opened up and revealed that her husband is more "laid back" and "playful" when it comes to parenting their daughter.

As a first-time mom, it is understandable that Shawn is micromanaging how things are done when it comes to parenting. However, she opened up more about her parenting style and explained the impact that a parent's decision can have on their child.

"Every single decision you make you feel is impacting their future and setting them up for life or tearing them down. That guilt can really take over sometimes."
Her husband is a 28-year-old professional football player and while his parenting style may differ from Shawn's, she admits that she tries to "trust" her husband's "instincts."While it sounds like Shawn Johnson has a tight hold on her parenting, she hasn't been immune to mom-shaming. As a public figure, Shawn has more than 2 million followers on Instagram and she often shares photos and videos of her 4-month-old daughter on the social networking site. However, the comments that she receives on those posts aren't always positive.

Earlier this month, Shawn shared a photo of her daughter doing her first backflip. Immediately, the video was scrutinized by Shawn's followers and some questioned whether or not the baby was safe. Shawn later admitted that she wasn't "surprised" by the negative comments she received but didn't like that the comments were aimed at her parenting.

Although she may have to deal with some negativity, there is also plenty of positive. Shawn's latest Instagram photo of her with her daughter racked up over 197,000 likes within the first three hours of being posted. It is clear that Shawn's fans love her updates.