Thomas Markle Says Meghan Markle's Recent Actions Are 'An Insult To The Queen'

The feud between Meghan Markle and her estranged father seems to keep getting worse. Following Meghan's decision to step back from the royal family along with Prince Harry, her father had some harsh words about her actions. In an interview with TMZ outside an Office Max in Rosarito, Mexico, Thomas Markle lashed out at Harry and Meghan over the decisions they'd made.

"I'm very upset with Meghan and Harry right now. I don't think they have the right to use the word 'royal.' I don't think they have the right to speak to the queen the way they've been talking to her. I think it's an insult to the queen, and to the British people. My daughter dumped me one day before she got married. She dumped my family. She dumped Doria's family. She's dumped every family member, and now she's dumping the British royal family. Have a good day," Thomas said.

In the interview, Meghan's father is referring to the recent argument breaking out between Harry and Meghan and the royal family over whether they'll still be allowed to refer to themselves as "royal." According to reporting in The Cut, the couple had previously filed to trademark the brand "Sussex Royal" even as the queen insists that they will no longer be allowed to use the term.

Now, Harry and Meghan have announced a new plan to move forward without using the term. The couple said that they would start a new non-profit organization designed to effect change in areas that are important to them both. The trademark applications that the couple initially put in have now been revoked.

According to the reporting, the possibility of Meghan and Harry using the royal branding left the queen in an uncomfortable position, especially given her stance on ensuring that members of the royal family don't personally profit from their titles. Even as they agreed to move forward with new branding, Harry and Meghan also made it clear in their statement that the queen does not hold any jurisdiction over the word "royal" overseas.

Although Thomas Markle's opinion on the matter doesn't carry any weight in deciding the outcome, it's just the latest indication that the rift between Thomas and his daughter has not healed. The relationship between the two reportedly fractured as Thomas continued to conduct paid media appearances in which he was asked to speak about his daughter. The two have not been in contact since Harry and Meghan were married in 2018, according to Elle.