Ozzy Osbourne Reveals What He Would Tell His 18-Year-Old Self: 'Have More Sex And Take More Drugs'

Ozzy Osbourne has some very frank advice for his younger self.

In an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit on Tuesday, the legendary rocker opened up about his career, his health, and his plans for new music despite a medical setback that has taken him off the road. Osbourne discussed his frustration with not being able to go on tour as he was derailed with some health problems, striking a reflective tone as he took questions about his time in the spotlight.

But while Osbourne may have lost the ability to go on tour like he did in his younger days, he apparently hasn't lost any of the rock and roll spirit. In one of the questions, the so-called "Prince of Darkness" was asked what he would tell his 18-year-old self if he had the ability to go back and offer some advice.

"Have more sex and take more drugs. Have fun," he answered.

Ozzy had recently opened up about the medical diagnosis that has altered his career, saying he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2003. The Black Sabbath singer had to take time off from his tour after a fall, which led many to believe that he had only recently been diagnosed with the disease. But he said in an interview with Radio.com that it was actually more than 15 years ago, during the height of popularity for his reality show The Osbournes, that he learned he had "a mild form" of the condition.

"Everybody thinks when I had this fall last year, 'He found out he had Parkinson's,' " Osbourne said. "I've known about Parkinson's since 2003. I've had it all my life. It's not a death sentence. When I got diagnosed I went, 'okay.' I'm not shaking. The one I have it's called P2. It's a mild form of Parkinson's at the moment."

The singer had already pushed back against reports earlier this year that he was on his "deathbed," calling it incorrect.

In his AMA on Tuesday, Osbourne lamented that he had to take time off the road, adding that performing was the greatest feeling he had ever known -- even better than the things he would have recommended to his teenage self.

"The best feeling in the world," the rocker said when asked what it is like to perform for million of people over the course of his career. "Better than sex or drugs. The best feeling in the world, or the worst when I'm not performing."