Brunette Bombshell Katie Bell Struts Her Stuff In A Red Thong & Knotted Crop Top

Katie Bell strutted her stuff in a barely-there outfit for her latest Instagram upload. The brunette bombshell shared the NSFW post with her fans on Monday.

In the sexy videos, Katie danced around in a pair of red thong panties and a white crop top with a knotted embellishment in the front. She also added white socks to complete her outfit.

The ensemble flaunted the model's toned arms, tiny waist, flat tummy, curvy hips, round booty, rock-hard abs, and long, lean legs. Katie had her long, dark brown hair parted to the side and pulled back in a ponytail at the base of her head.

The bombshell showcased her booty as she walked away from the camera and tugged at her underwear. She looked back over her shoulder at the lens as music played in the background. Later, she turned around to reveal a better look at her curves.

Katie held a bag filled with snacks in her hand and showed off her natural makeup look. The application included sculpted eyebrows, thick lashes, and black eyeliner. She also wore pink blush on her cheeks, a shimmering glow on her face, and nude lips to complete the laid-back look.

In the caption, Katie told her fans to like the clips if they wanted to see similar posts in the future.

Of course, many of the model's over 1.8 million followers went wild for the videos. The update has gained more than 162,000 likes and over 1,600 comments since its upload.

"This video is the reason I have Instagram. Katie you are the hottest thing I've ever seen. This is my favorite post from you of all time," one of Katie's followers wrote in the comments section.

"I tapped so many times my phone screen has a crater in it," remarked another adoring fan.

"Girl you are beautiful but I hope your socks aren't that dirty. Much love to you!" a third social media user told the model.

"Okay I guess I'm hitting the gym now for a booty workout wow girl," a fourth person commented.

The upload was one of the raciest so far on Katie's Instagram feed. She often shows off lots of skin in revealing lingerie, plunging dresses, skimpy crop tops, tight pants, and more.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Katie dropped the jaws of her followers just last week when she posed in a scanty red bikini for a sexy new video. That post has been viewed over 298,000 times and has earned 1,200 comments to date.