Reality Steve's 'The Bachelor' Spoilers Detail How He Suspects Peter Weber's Season Ends

Blogger Reality Steve thinks he has inched closer to pinpointing key The Bachelor spoilers for Peter Weber's season, spoilers that have been rather elusive up to this point. Filming ended in November and the finale airs in just two weeks. Unfortunately, it appears that confirmed, specific details from Peter's final rose ceremony -- and its aftermath -- continue to escape detection, even for Reality Steve.

Up to this point, Reality Steve has said that he's heard a lot of details about how Peter's season ends, but he's essentially heard too many variations to solidify any of the supposed outcomes. In a recent blog post, the insider said that if he had to guess, he would say that he thinks Peter picks Madison Prewett, surmising that they are currently dating.

Now, Reality Steve is doing his best to detail what he knows -- and what he thinks he knows -- while admitting there's a lot he still can't confirm. He says that this has been a really weird The Bachelor season for him to try to spoil. He also acknowledged if the ending comes as a surprise to both himself and to invested fans, he wouldn't necessarily be shocked.

Given all of that, Reality Steve says he is fairly certain that Peter isn't with Hannah Ann. A lot of The Bachelor fans have thought they caught slip-ups or clues from Hannah Ann -- clues pointing toward her being Peter's pick.

However, Reality Steve's spoilers detail that he's "almost positive" Hannah Ann doesn't end up with that final rose. In addition, he says that if Peter did pick Hannah Ann, he's pretty sure they split soon after that.

That brings things back to the idea of Madi getting that final rose. The preview shared at the end of Monday night's show seemed to reveal that Peter will visit someone at home after filming, and that he will apologize.

Reality Steve said he doesn't know whose home that is, or where it is. He also doesn't know who Peter is talking to, or why. However, he feels fairly confident that this happened post-filming in Australia and back in the United States.

"There's a lot of moving parts to this ending and I definitely don't have it all, nor have I claimed to. But if you ask me what I ultimately think happens this season and what will be the end result come ATFR, I'm leaning more towards that Peter and Madison are dating but not engaged, and everything that happened between them happened post-filming after Australia," Reality Steve explained.

"Honestly though, if that's not how it ends, I can't say I'd be surprised. But if that's not the ending, then I don't know what is, because I'm almost positive he's not with Hannah Ann," Reality Steve continued.

In addition, the blogger says he's "almost certain" that after filming in Australia, Peter talked with Madison, looking to make things work between them. However, Reality Steve admits that he doesn't know if Peter's attempt was successful.

What exactly happened at the final rose ceremony -- and what will Peter's status be when he shares updates on the After the Final Rose show? The Bachelor spoilers are still elusive on this front, but Reality Steve promised that he'd share additional details if he learns anything more.