Harvey Weinstein Responds In Shock To Guilty Verdict: 'I'm Innocent, How Could This Happen In America?'

Harvey Weinstein hasn't spoken publicly about the guilty verdict handed down to him on Monday, but his attorney revealed that the disgraced Hollywood mogul was shocked by the decision, lamenting that he believed he was innocent and the verdict was a mistake.

Arthur Aidala, Weinstein's attorney, spoke with a reporter from Variety outside of the courthouse after the verdict was revealed. He said that he was sitting next to his client when the announcement was made by the judge.

"The words he said over and over again to me is, 'I'm innocent, I'm innocent, I'm innocent. How could this happen in America?'" Aidala recounted.

Shortly before the jury made their decision known, Weinstein apparently thanked his team for their work regardless of the outcome. When the verdict was announced, Weinstein was found guilty of third-degree rape and a criminal sexual act. He was acquitted of the two more serious charges of predatory sexual assault. Despite his shock, Weinstein didn't protest when he was taken into custody, Aidala said.

Though their client was surprised by the outcome, the lawyer said that his legal team wasn't. They argued to the judge that he should be allowed to remain free on bond pending sentencing because of his failing health.

Weinstein has been seen entering and leaving the court using a walker, which his legal team says is related to a back surgery that was "unsuccessful." His team also revealed that Weinstein is struggling with failing vision.

"He is currently taking shots in his eyes so he does not go blind," lead attorney Donna Rotunno said while pleading with the judge to release Weinstein. "Judge, he was found not guilty of the most serious charges."

While the judge denied the request, Weinstein was later rushed to Bellevue hospital in New York after claiming he was suffering from chest pain and heart palpitations. As The Inquisitr previously reported, he was originally taken to the infirmary at Riker's Island, where he is being held, before being transported to the hospital.

Aidala went on to say that Weinstein was in a good mood, hanging out at home with his two kids, before the verdict.

"I've got to be honest with you," Aidala said. "I've known him for a year and I don't think I've asked him what his favorite movie is, so I asked him what his favorite movie is."

Weinstein's responded that his favorite movie of all time is "The Godfather."