Russian Model Dasha Mart Leaves Little To The Imagination In Skimpy Bikini

Russian beauty Dasha Mart was born with a body that was made for bikinis — and just about everything else, for that matter. On Tuesday, she put her incredible figure on display in her latest Instagram update, which saw her wearing a skimpy two-piece that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

For her sexy post, Dasha stood in the shallow end of a swimming pool as she leaned against a handrail. The snap captured her body from her knees up, giving her followers a good look at her bathing suit. The cups had interesting shapes that resembled stars, as each one had five points. Each point had a clear, plastic strap that helped to hold it on her body. The oddly-shaped cups were also small, leaving much of Dasha’s voluptuous chest exposed. The bottoms were in a classic bikini style with clear side straps that sat low on her waist.

The beauty stood with one part of her hips cocked to the side and one leg in front of the other, emphasizing the sensual curve of her hips. The pose also highlighted her slender midsection and tight abs. Her bronze skin popped against the blue water in the swimming pool. Dasha leaned one hand on the rail and held her other hand on the back of her head, closing her eyes while posing with a smile on her face.

The model wore her sleek hair down over one shoulder. Her eyes were framed with sculpted brows, smoky eyeshadow, and thick lashes. She also wore a rose shade of lipstick and accessorized with a sparkly belly piercing.

Dasha wrote the caption in Russian. A translation from Google Translate revealed that she asked her followers to rate the bathing suit on a scale from 1 to 10, while also asking her female fans if they would wear it.

The outfit scored a lot of “10” votes, as well as dozens of heart and flame emoji.

Many of the comments were in Russian, but a few of Dasha’s fans who spoke English weighed in with their opinions about how she looked in the swimwear.

“Dasha, Love your Sea Stars! Very original!” quipped one follower.

“So beautiful,” wrote a second Instagram user.

“Definitely brightens up my day just beautiful,” a third follower said.

“Lovely and alluring,” commented a fourth fan.

In addition, Dasha looked especially alluring in a photo she shared last week that showed her lowering her jeans, exposing her booty in a pair of string bikini bottoms.