Cosplay Model Liz Katz Poses Topless While Asking Fans To Find Her 'Anime Crush'

Liz Katz seems to have gotten her fans' pulses racing with her first Instagram upload of the week, where she went completely topless while asking her 1.1 million followers a question about a topic that has been very near and dear to her in her work as a professional cosplay model -- the world of anime.

In the post, which was shared to her Instagram account early on Tuesday morning, Liz was photographed in what appeared to be her bedroom, striking the popular Bambi pose on a bed while wearing nothing but a pair of maroon-colored panties. Although the cosplayer censored the photo with a black arrow that mostly covered her chest area, she was still able to flaunt her impressive cleavage and some underboob. Her toned midsection was also in clear view in the snap.

It appeared that Liz decided to go makeup-free for the photo, thus putting the focus on her natural beauty as she directed a coy stare at the camera. She also kept her accessories simple, wearing only a black choker around her neck and a dark-colored wristband while posing for the shot.

As noted above, Liz's caption seemed to center on the miscellaneous items on the bed and in the background of the photo, as she asked her fans if they could spot her "anime crush."

So far, the cosplay model's new update has gotten quite a lot of love from her admirers, as it has garnered over 23,000 likes in slightly more than three hours from the time of posting. More than 250 Instagram users also took to the comments section, with some of them trying to answer Liz's question and others simply choosing to praise her beauty in words and/or emoji.

"You're MY anime crush," insisted one fan, adding a heart emoji to the end of their comment.

"No but the search has a nice view!" quipped a second admirer, following up with three heart-eye emoji.

"I have found my crush. And yes i am looking at you," read a third person's reply, which included a rose emoji at the end.

"I press start but you didnt appear on my Television," joked a fourth follower, referring to the distinctive video game-inspired tattoos on the cosplayer's thighs.

While Liz's fanbase seemed rather divided on the crush she was referring to in the caption, she is definitely well-known for her various sexy photos inspired by anime and manga. The 31-year-old has also referenced her love of Japanese animation in posts that don't actually focus on the art form, including one where she called herself an "anime wife for life" while flaunting her curves in a striped bikini top.