Kate Beckinsale Flaunts Her Abs In Tiny White Bandeau Top And Dances Behind Her Cat's Banana Bed

Kate Beckinsale showed off a few dance moves in the kitchen while one of her fluffy feline companions chilled out on the counter. Her kitty, Willow, was enjoying her new banana-shaped bed.

On Monday, Kate took to Instagram to share the wacky dance video with her 4 million followers. The 46-year-old Serendipity star was rocking a skimpy white bandeau top and a pair of white pleated dress pants. Her bottoms hit just below her navel, leaving most of her toned abs exposed.

Kate's fans always go wild when she shows some skin on social media, but they also love her playful personality. She often entertains them with her amusing antics, and they weren't disappointed with her latest Instagram video. However, as Kate noted, her live audience-of-one was less than impressed with the dance she did while lip-syncing to the song "Love in the First Degree" by Bananarama.

Kate shook her hips and bounced around a bit, but she did most of her dancing with her hands and arms. She crossed her arms over her chest, raised them up, and did a few spirit-finger variations. At the end of her video, she leaned over her kitchen island to look at Willow. The feline was lying in a soft bed shaped like a giant banana. She had been flicking her tail as Kate performed behind her, but the comfortable-looking cat never turned around to check out her owner's choreography.

In the caption of her post, Kate joked that Willow is "getting sick of banana related teasing." As many of Kate's fans know, the actress has been using Instagram to document her attempts to get Willow to quit napping inside the cat-sized fruit bowl that usually sits atop her kitchen island. She even purchased a soft cat bed shaped like a bowl full of giant pieces of stuffed fruit. However, Willow was not a fan of the feline furniture; the perturbed Persian only stayed in the bed for a few seconds before she voiced her displeasure and split. Luckily, Willow seems to be more comfortable in the banana bed.

In response to Kate's update on Willow and the fruit bowl, many of her followers ignored her remark about how the cat feels about banana jokes.

"Can you do any other tricks with bananas?" read one response to Kate's Instagram post.

"Yes I can throw one really hard and break your glasses," the actress replied.

"Again, if we aren't calling that a 'banana hammock', we are just wasting our time," another Instagram comedian quipped.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the other Persian Kate shares her home with, Clive, made an appearance in a dance video that she shared earlier this month. He was shown clinging to Kate's shoulder while she got her groove on to "How Will I Know" by Whitney Houston.