Julia Rose Holds Coconuts In Front Of Her Bare Chest In Flirty New Instagram Pic

Julia Rose has been keeping her Instagram fans updated with some sizzling snaps over the past few weeks, but her newest one is arguably one of the more flirty ones. The Shag Mag founder went topless in the update and posed with a couple of large coconuts in her hands.

The stunner stood facing the camera straight-on with the fruit censoring her bare chest. Her cleavage was on full show and there was little to distract from her incredible figure as she went jewelry-free. The only piece of clothing she wore was a pair of tattered black shorts that had a low waistline and three large silver buttons down the middle. There were multiple rips on the fabric on her upper thighs and the hem was jagged.

Julia wore her hair down and pieces of her locks blew in the wind. Her dark roots gave way to her blond highlights and she wore minimal makeup, including dark mascara and pink lipstick. Moreover, her left rib tattoo peeked through from behind a coconut.

The model stood in a manicured yard with a small rectangular pool and multiple lounge chairs visible in the backdrop. There was a white house with large archways and a second-story balcony on the left side of the frame. Behind her to her left was a short green hedge, a couple of palm trees, and a peach house.

The photo was taken on a day with low-lying and gray, wispy clouds. The sun was low on the horizon and it appeared to be close to sunset.

The sensation's followers took to the comments section to send their love. This included a shout-out from her fellow model, Katie Bell.

"Damn u cute. do you need me to bring you some limes?" she joked.

"Funny and beautiful - prefect [sic] combination," declared a second social media user.

"I would walk a mile through nails, just at a CHANCE to be near a 5 mile radius of you," wrote a dedicated fan.

"If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. Hmu," wrote a fourth supporter.

Julia also showed off her silly side earlier this month on February 3 when she pulled her shirt up and flaunted her chest. She wasn't shy about giving a glimpse of her nipple and flipped off the camera with both of her hands. In addition to the white Shag Mag shirt, she wore a pair of small black bikini bottoms. The sensation rolled her eyes back into the back of her head and stuck out her tongue.