Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Signal That Nelle’s Ready For Battle As Carly Lashes Out

Chad Duell and Chloe Lanier of 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s show indicate that Nelle will be doing her best to stick to her latest plan, trying to resist letting anybody intimidate her. She already has Brad trembling by lying about whose idea the baby swap was, and now she’ll do her best to hold her own while facing off with Carly.

As viewers saw during Monday’s show, Carly is determined to see Nelle pay for keeping Michael — and the rest of the family — from knowing that Wiley was really Jonah. Carly talked with Sonny about how badly she wants to make sure that Nelle pays a steep price for this, but Sonny urged her to let Michael handle it.

Sonny argued that Michael is a grown man now, and that it’s up to him to decide how hard to go after Nelle. Granted, given Carly and her temperament, it’s not really in her nature to just step back and let this situation work itself out.

The weekly sneak peek teased that Carly would visit Nelle at the PCPD and try to intimidate her. Based on the preview for Tuesday’s show, it seems that this tense encounter will air on Tuesday.

Even though Sonny urged Carly to step back from this, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Carly will charge forward with full force. She’ll hint to Nelle that she will pay for what she did, one way or another. Carly won’t exactly get explicit, but she will make it clear that if the justice system doesn’t hold Nelle accountable, Carly will make it happen via more nefarious avenues.

Will this rattle Nelle? General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps suggest it won’t. In fact, teasers indicate that Nelle is going to simply dig in her heels during Tuesday’s show. It seems likely that this teaser means that Nelle will double her resolve to keep Carly from getting what she wants.

Carly believes she is in a position of power at the moment, and to a degree she is. She’s feeling protective of Michael, Wiley, and Lucas, and she doesn’t necessarily care that much what happens to Brad. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that Nelle’s hatred for Carly will probably only intensify after this visit, and Nelle isn’t done fighting yet.

As the week continues, something will cause worry for Carly. Michael is facing a shocker from Willow, and Sasha will face a difficult decision. Soap Central notes that Carly will have an uneasy feeling this week, and this may signal that she’ll have a hunch regarding Nelle having more tricks up her sleeve.

It appears that Carly is off on this quest to intimidate Nelle without talking to Michael first. What she doesn’t realize, then, is that Michael has every intention of seeing Nelle pay for this. He talked frankly with Jason, and the idea of having Nelle eliminated wasn’t necessarily off the table.

Will Nelle get killed off at some point soon? Fans have a hunch that may be coming, and there would certainly be a lengthy list of suspects for Jordan and Chase to investigate.

Carly, Michael, and Sonny would be near the top of the suspect list, but it’s possible that Willow, Brad, Lucas, or someone else might feel compelled to do the deed as well. General Hospital spoilers will soon reveal more about how Nelle will be held accountable, and viewers are curious to see where this heads next.