50 Cent Makes Joke About Dwyane Wade’s Transgender Daughter With Offensive R. Kelly Meme & Fans Respond

Dwyane Wade and R Kelly watching a fashion show in 2016
Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

50 Cent is known for being unafraid to make social media posts that cross the line. His latest target was Dwyane Wade and his transgender daughter, Zaya. The rapper posted an R. Kelly meme joking about Wade’s daughter and has received some backlash for it.

Since it was publicly announced that his 12-year-old daughter identifies as transgender, the Miami Heat legend and his family have received plenty of online support. Along with the support has come some trolling from notable rappers, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson being the latest to mock Wade and his daughter.

The “In Da Club” rapper posted a now-deleted meme for his 25.4 million Instagram followers to see which featured a picture of the 38-year-old father seated next to singer R. Kelly. Both men are wearing black fedoras and appear to be watching a fashion show.

It was the speech bubbles included on the meme that upset some fans with Kelly saying he heard Wade “has a daughter now.”

“U touch her I’ll kill ya,” the bubble said above the former NBA star’s head.

This was a joke about the disgraced singer wanting to spend time with Wade’s preteen daughter. As reported by The Inquisitr, the singer is currently facing several charges of sexually abusing minors and was recently slapped with another indictment for abusing a 15-year-old girl in the late ’90s.

The post amassed more than 320,000 likes in only 14 hours. Although plenty of fans responded with cry-laughing emojis there were plenty who believed 50 Cent crossed a line with this offensive joke.

“Bro delete this,” one follower wrote.

“This is bullying!!” another fan replied.

“This is not funny,” an Instagram user said.

One fan accused the rapper of intentionally posting inciting memes just to promote his television show Power.

“Promoting your show through clown posting…you’re a clown yourself,” they wrote.

There were people who came to the rapper’s defense in the comments. A fan argued that Wade brought this on himself by going public with his daughter’s transgender identity and he should have “left his kid’s situation private.” Another weighed in saying that if children can decide their gender when they are teens then they should be able to choose their sexual partners.

As mentioned, 50 Cent is only the latest rapper to make an offensive online post about Zaya. Young Thug sent out a now-deleted tweet about the young Wade girl, and Boozie Badazz claims he was kicked out of a Planet Fitness for his transphobic video rant directed at the Wades.