‘Bachelorette’ Star Chad Johnson’s Girlfriend Annalise Mishler Documents His Alleged Drunken Rage On Instagram

Chad Johnson and Annalise Mishler attend Operation Smile's Hollywood Fight Night
Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Getty Images

The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise star Chad Johnson is facing allegations from his girlfriend, Annalise Mishler, that he got into a drunken rage at her apartment on Sunday night. She documented the latter part of the incident via her Instagram Stories, and claimed that she’s kept quiet about a lot that has previously happened in their relationship.

Mishler — who is a YouTube star, actress, and model — has been dating Johnson for a few months now. Last November, the former Bachelor in Paradise bad boy told Life & Style that the couple’s relationship had gotten quite serious. They had already navigated some ups and downs, he admitted. In addition, he acknowledged that there had been quite a few fights between them, often due to his strong personality.

On Sunday evening, Mishler shared a series of video clips via her Instagram Stories, adding some notes along the way. She showed a hole in the wall next to the door of her apartment, and she alleged that Johnson had been drinking and put the hole there.

Additional videos seemingly included Johnson yelling from the other side of a locked door. Mishler noted that she had taken back a key to her apartment that he had previously held. She said that he had just gotten drunk for the first time in about seven weeks, and that this was the reality of her life.

The social media influencer said she never talks about this stuff, but also that she wants to take her power back.

As the series of clips continued, Mishler opened the door and told the person on the other side to go home, as he was scaring her. The person, allegedly Johnson, yelled and pounded on the door once she closed and locked it again.

Mishler said she wasn’t trying to be malicious in sharing all of this. Rather, she said that she’s sick of this stuff happening — and him later denying anything happened. She also said that he has repeatedly claimed she’s fabricating things after incidents between them.

The social media starlet said that in addition to drinking, the fight happened because she saw a lot of notifications from the Hinge dating app on his phone. She claimed to have confronted him about it.

“He went crazy. On me. Like, how dare I have the audacity,” Mishler said of what happened when she questioned him about being on the Hinge app.

Johnson did share a couple of videos — via his Instagram Stories — that seem to have been taken during the time he was in Mishler’s apartment, but before things escalated.

The Bachelor in Paradise star was filming Mishler and she said that was not the time. She questioned why he was filming her, and he said something to the effect of wanting to show his followers that he has a beautiful and “tasty” girlfriend.

In those clips, Mishler was wearing the same gray shorts she had on during her own footage of that evening. She was wearing a pink shirt in Chad’s post, and in her videos, a hint of a pink shirt could be seen under an oversized sweatshirt.

Franchise gossip guru Reality Steve shared Mishler’s videos via his Twitter page on Monday. As he noted, Johnson has been involved in other incidents that made headlines, and could be forming a pattern of behavior. For example, Johnson was kicked off of Bachelor in Paradise several seasons ago when he was allegedly drunk and belligerent.

“Chad Johnson’s incident with his girlfriend last night. She recorded it to her IG story for proof. The guy is outta control, and his pattern of behavior is frightening. This hasn’t been their first issue. Just the first that’s documented,” Reality Steve tweeted.

So far, Johnson doesn’t appear to have commented on Mishler’s allegations, and she hasn’t said anything since posting the group of videos on her Instagram Stories. Bachelor in Paradise fans, however, will be curious to see what happens next in this seemingly tumultuous relationship.