Donny Osmond Thrills Fans With Rare Instagram Throwback Of Him In His ‘Natural Habitat’ As A Handyman

The former teen idol rocks a massive tool belt in a vintage photo.

Singer Donny Osmond attends the 2015 TV Land Awards at Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

The former teen idol rocks a massive tool belt in a vintage photo.

Donny Osmond shared a retro photo to Instagram that has fans swooning over his talent as a jack-of-all-trades. The 62-year-old “Puppy Love” singer, who is known for his Instagram throwbacks, thrilled his fans with a 1970s-era shot that showed him wearing a tool belt while fixing something in his family’s kitchen back in the day.

In the photo, a teen Donny wore all white as he stood in front of a kitchen sink with a massive tool belt wrapped around his waist. The young Donny & Marie star seems caught off guard in the throwback snap as someone catches him being handy. Donny did not reveal exactly what he was fixing when the camera caught him, but he captioned the pic by calling it a “rare sighting” of him in his “natural habitat.”

Fans and famous friends reacted to the classic image in the post’s comments section.

“Cmon tool belt!” Bravo star Andy Cohen wrote.

“Once a handyman, always a handyman,” Donny responded.

Other fans wanted to know if the performer does house calls.

“Whatever you are fixing – mine is broken,” one fan wrote.

Others reacted to the size of the tool belt.

“[Donny Osmond] That tool belt appears to be wearing you. No? Lol,” quipped a follower.

“More like wearing a tool bucket. Tim the Toolman would be proud,” another added.

While Donny is best known for his singing and dancing on TV, on Broadway, and in Vegas shows with his sister Marie Osmond, longtime fans know that he has always had an interest in fixing things — especially electronics.

In 2017, Donny told The Guardian that he used his love for electronics as an escape after living his life in the spotlight when he was younger.

“At home, away from the public eye, I’d go to my room and read and build stuff with electronics,” the former teen idol said. ” I was always curious, inquisitive, wanting to learn how things worked.”

In his 1999 memoir Life Is Just What You Make It, Donny even wrote that during a low point in his entertainment career, he considered quitting show business and starting a home security business — but not because he was interested in security. In an interview with The New York Times, Donny admitted the reason he liked home security was because he was always interested in electronics.

“I don’t think it had anything to do with my own security. I’m just an electronics geek,” Donny said.

He went on to say he thought about leaving singing for good in 1988 because he became discouraged that he couldn’t get a song on the Billboard charts. However, fans know that he would soon make it big again with his hit “Soldier of Love,” solidifying his career as a performer.