Jen Selter Shows Off Her Insane Derriere In Sizzling Workout Video On Instagram

Jen Selter arrives at the after party for the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival.
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Fitness model Jen Selter gave her 12.8 million Instagram followers some Sunday workout motivation in her latest update. The brunette bombshell posted a video of herself doing a few workout moves in a minimalist space with large windows overlooking the cityscape of New York City. Though the view from her space was amazing, Jen’s gravity-defying derriere likely competed with the skyline for her followers’ attention.

The stunner rocked a pair of high-waisted light gray leggings that clung to her curves. The leggings were so snug it almost appeared as though they were painted on. She paired them with a matching sports bra that likewise flaunted her toned physique, and a few inches of her flat stomach was on display in the ensemble. Jen added a pair of clean white sneakers as her only accessory, and pulled her long brunette locks back in a low ponytail.

Jen did several moves using a small piece of fitness equipment known as a landmine, which allows individuals to move a bar in different ways to build strength. She demonstrated the proper form for several moves, including a squat pulse with alternating press, squat hold with rotation, split squad hold and press and a single arm high pull. Jen physically demonstrated the moves in the video, and also gave a bit of an explanation for each move in the caption of the post so that her followers were well informed.

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Happy Sunday fam!! Change up your routine by incorporating the ‘landmine’! By changing a simple thing like the equipment you’re using, you can spice things up and make your exercise routine more exciting ???? Save this video for the next time you’re in the gym!! (Link in my bio for all of my workout programs: you can start your FREE week trial today) – ❤️ SQUAT PULSE WITH ALTERNATING PRESS; Start In a wide stance with your toes slighting pointing outward. Sink low into your squat and hold the lower body in this position. The bar starts at one shoulder. As you do a small pulse, push the weight straight out by extending your arm and switch hands at the top. Continue in this movement for 20 repetitions! SQUAT HOLD WITH ROTATION Get into a wide stance with your toes slighting pointing outward. Sink low into your squat and hold the lower body in this position. Start with both hands holding the top of the bar at your chest. Begin the movement by pushing the bar away from you until your arms are straight. Keeping straight arms, rotate and let the weight fall to the left. Generate this twist from your trunk. Return back to center and pull the weight back to your chest. Push back out and repeat on the right side. Continue with this pattern 20 times! SPLIT SQUAT HOLD & PRESS Start with your left leg forward in a split squat position. Hold the top of the bar with your right hand. Sink low into your split squat and hold your back knee about 2” off the ground. Press the bar on a 45 degree angle until your arm is straight. Repeat 12 times before switching sides. Do this with control and make sure your torso and lower body stays still. SINGLE ARM HIGH PULL Start with your left leg forward in a long stance. Hinge forward until your upper body is almost parallel to the ground. Your right hand has the bar. As you pull the bar toward your ribs, keep your elbow wide and away from your body. Make sure your not shrugging your shoulder up towards the ear. Keep your shoulders pulled down and back throughout this exercise. Repeat 12 times before switching to the other side.

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Jen’s physique looked incredible in the short clip. For most of the moves, Jen faced away from the camera, but for the single arm high-pull she turned towards the camera to show the proper form and flaunted a tantalizing hint of cleavage.

Jen’s fans couldn’t get enough of the smoking hot video, and the post received over 162,100 views within just 21 hours. Several of her fans took to the comments section to shower her with praise.

“Thanks for the info Queen, appreciate it,” one fan commented.

“Girl with her goals,” another fan added.

“Get it girl!” another admirer said.

While Jen’s ensemble in her latest post was fairly neutral, the brunette bombshell isn’t afraid to go bold when it comes to her workout gear. Just a few days ago, as The Inquisitr reported, she shared a double Instagram update in which she donned a red sports bra and a pair of bright red leggings with lace-up details on the side that showed off a bit of extra skin.