‘General Hospital’ Spoilers & Speculation: Lucas May Find A Fresh Start With A Port Charles Newcomer

Ryan Carnes plays Lucas on 'General Hospital'
Valerie Durant / Walt Disney Television

General Hospital spoilers suggest that there may still be some interesting twists and turns ahead for Lucas and his loved ones. He’s devastated that Brad knowingly took Jonah and passed him off as Wiley, and it’s hard to imagine that this marriage can be repaired. While Lucas surely won’t be rushing into a new relationship anytime soon, some fans are speculating that Brando Corbin might eventually become a romantic interest for him.

For now, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Lucas will focus on Wiley. It’s not known for certain that his relationship will Brad will be permanently severed. However, it seems unlikely that Lucas and Brad can fix what’s gone wrong and move forward together. According to Soap Central, Lucas will struggle to figure out how to move forward in the wake of everything he’s recently learned.

It is known that Felix is going to be incorporated into an upcoming storyline, and it’s certainly possible that Felix and Lucas could revisit the romance they once had. It’s also possible that Felix will be involved just as a source of support for Lucas during this tough time.

Based on a comment that newcomer Brando made recently, General Hospital fans speculate that he may be a potential romantic interest for Lucas at some point in the future. Recently, Brando was asked how he was so absolutely certain that there was no way that Dev could be his son.

Of course, fans have known all along that Dev wasn’t Brando’s son. However, it would have been convenient if it was somehow possible that Brando had a child he hadn’t known about, and Sonny and Carly could keep up the ruse that Dev really was Brando’s.

However, Brando noted that it was absolutely impossible for him to have a son, Dev or otherwise. Brando offered to provide further details when questioned about this, and his tone made it clear that to share specifics could be awkward.

“I’m predicting they brought on Brando as a new love interest for Lucas,” noted one General Hospital fan.

“Brando said he knew Dev couldn’t be his son. This makes me think Brando will be there to for Lucas when his world comes tumbling down,” another viewer speculated recently.

This certainty on Brando’s part that Dev could not be his son doesn’t directly reveal that he is gay. However, it does seem like a strong possibility.

General Hospital fans have also considered other potential love interests for Brando, like Maxie, Lulu, or Brook Lynn. At this point, though, it seems that a fair number of viewers are game to see a Brando and Lucas pairing explored.

Is that what the writers have in mind? Actor Marc Samuel, who plays Felix, recently shared a photo on his Instagram page showing him with Johnny Wactor (Brando) on the set. That would seem to suggest that both Brando and Felix will be sticking around for a while.

General Hospital spoilers tease it’s only a matter of time before new potential romances develop for both Lucas and Brando, even if they’re not with one another. It’s too soon to know for certain that Brando and Lucas will experience sparks flying between them, but viewers will be watching to see if additional clues hinting at this emerge.