‘Boardwalk Empire’s’ Jack Huston Cast in David O. Russell’s ‘Abscam’ Project

Jack Huston

With filming underway for David O. Russell’s Untitled/Abscam project, the other additions to the cast has been announced. Notably added to Russell’s next project is Boardwalk Empire star and Anjelica Huston’s nephew, Jack Huston.

Jack Huston is set to aid his talents to a dream ensemble cast with the likes of Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams, Louis C.K., Jennifer Lawrence, Alessandro Nivola, and Elizabeth Rohm.

The synopsis for David O. Russell’s Abscam project reads as follows:

“Set in the 1970s and following an FBI sting operation, Eric Warren Singer‘s script circles around the true story of a notorious financial con artist (Bale) and his mistress/partner in crime (Adams), who were forced to work with an out of control federal agent (Cooper) to turn the tables on other con artists, mobsters, and politicians. At the epicenter of the entire tale, is the passionate and volatile leader of the New Jersey state assembly (Renner) who is also the local hero and mayor of impoverished Camden.”

Right now Huston is primarily known for being the nephew of actress Anjelica Huston. In addition, Huston is part of the hit HBO series Boardwalk Empire. On the show Jack plays the two-face esque masked fan favorite Richard Harrow. The disfigured mask makes Jack completely unrecognizable, and helps the actor play against his easy on the eyes good looks that could skyrocket him into mainstream success. However, he may not be able to hide his good looks forever. If the Abscam project is a hit, then he’ll undoubtedly catch the eyes of fans.

While it isn’t yet known who Huston is set to play, just going from the plot and ensemble of the Abscam project, the actor really can’t go wrong. The film, which his slated for an Oscar-friendly release date of December 13, will roll out on Christmas Day and expand in the weeks coming. It proves to be a perfect set up for the March 2, 2014 deadline.

Are you ready to see Jack Huston unmasked?