Demi Rose Opens Up About Losing Both Her Parents Seven Months Apart

Demi Rose Mawby attends the KISS Haunted House Party 2018 at The SSE Arena, Wembley on October 26, 2018 in London, England.
Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

In the latest episode of of her PrettyLittleThing podcast, Demi Rose speaks candidly about the deaths of her parents, reported Daily Mail. The model lost her father, Barrie, at the end of 2018, and her mom, Christine, in June of 2019.

The 24-year-old explains that losing her parents has made her grow up really fast.

“I’ve lost both of my parents, my dad cancer and my mum had a heart attack which caused a stroke when I was 17 and I was left as her carer as she was left disabled. I was caring for her for so many years, about 7 years.”

Demi continues on to say that seven months after her dad passed, her mom died from a stomach infection. She adds that the experience has made her “really really strong about things.”

The Instagram model, who has 13.2 million followers, hopes that she can draw from her own experience to help others going through the same thing. She says that if she can inspire people by talking about grief and if they can relate to her and understand it a little bit, and she can help them, then that’s what’s important to her. Demi adds that because of how much she’s gone through, she feels she can talk about it.

“I feel like nothing can really affect me now, nothing can really make me feel a certain way – I’ve gone through it all.”

Demi also talks about how she copes with the horrible losses she’s experienced, commenting that she’s had to accept that it’s just a part of life’s plan and to be strong about it. She also has her friends to thank for their support.

The model revealed the deaths of her parents on her Instagram account. Last June, she shared the news of her mom’s death, at 64 years of age, in an Instagram story. Writing in white print against a black background, the image read, “Heaven gained an angel today. R.I.P Mommy,” followed by a heartbroken emoji.

Shortly after announcing her mom’s death, Demi posted a photo of two birds she saw while on a modeling set. One of the birds was brown while the other was white with brown feathers, and they stood at the edge of a small fountain.

“Saw these two love birds on set today. I hoped they were Mom & Dad paying a visit,” the model wrote across the image.

Fans can tune in to the entire episode of Demi’s PrettyLittleThing: Behind Closed Doors podcast on Tuesday, February 25.