Meghan Markle’s Best Friend Slams The Media For Misreporting ‘Sussex Royal’ Drama

meghan markle speaking at smartworks
Mark Large / Getty Images

Jessica Mulroney, the best friend of Meghan Markle, slammed the media after it misreported that she had potentially given away the new name that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be using for their charitable endeavors, according to E! Online.

Though Harry and Meghan had previously been using the name “Sussex Royal” on their website and social media accounts, Queen Elizabeth asked the couple to drop their use of the moniker after the duke and duchess announced their desire to leave the royal family, as was previously reported by The Inquisitr. Harry and Meghan claimed in their recent transition detail update that their digital channels would be refreshed with a new name come spring 2020.

Since then, royal watchers have been wondering what the new name would be, and The Daily Mail appeared to have had a scoop on one potential option after it reported that the Canadian socialite registered the domain name The paper added that Mulroney had reserved the website url via her charitable foundation, The Shoebox Project.

However, Mulroney almost immediately denied the claims, slamming the paper in the process for its inaccurate reporting.

“If certain investigative journalists were to do their jobs, perhaps they would see that Shoebox Project Foundation is owned by a Mr Roy in North Carolina and has no affiliations or ties to our charity The Shoebox Project. Happy Sunday,” she wrote.

This is not the first time that the famous friend has lashed out at the media. She hit back at claims that Good Morning America was angry that Mulroney, whom they had hired as a stylist, was unwilling to discuss the duchess on television.

“It’s not journalism. There’s no truth to it,” she said of the rumors (via Harper’s Bazaar).

In the same interview, the fashion guru broke her silence on her famous best friend, slamming tabloid culture.

“[If] they decide they want to ruin somebody, they just will,” she claimed.

That said, Harry and Meghan’s team have dropped hints in the past about their intentions based on the domains purchased. For example, many correctly hypothesized that the pair would have a boy after noticing the male names Arthur, James, and Alexander were reserved on the royal family’s website.

In addition, the Sussex team has registered other domain names. As reported in the original Daily Mail article, Andrew Meyer, the duchess’s American business manager, registered both the and a little over a week after the former Suits actress announced she was pregnant. Many royal fans noted the similarities between Arche and their firstborn son’s name, Archie.