‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Cyrus’ Latest Attack Will Have Laura At Odds With Sonny & Jordan Furious

General Hospital star Jeff Kober.
Nick Agro / ABC Press

Cyrus is bound and determined to keep Port Charles in danger, and coming up on General Hospital, he will be making yet another attack very soon. The Inquisitr had spoilers from a few days ago teasing that there will be plenty of chaos coming, and more details are emerging on what this new mobster has in store.

There are expected to be some casualties from a terrible incident coming up in March, as indicated by SheKnows Soaps. It sounds like a disastrous situation and something that will rattle the people of Port Charles as the mob war continues. The General Hospital spoilers give no indication of what takes place. It could be another series of shootings or a possible explosion. There are also no details on whether any main characters will be hurt, or worse.

What is known so far is that Mayor Laura Collins, who was shot in the last attack, will be laying down the law with Sonny Corinthos. He may not be telling her all the details that she demands to know, but it’s going to be evident how upset she will be when another attack happens. Sonny and Jason assume that Cyrus is out to get them. However, it was revealed last week that he and Jordan Ashford have a history together, and she is the main reason that he wanted to be transferred to Pentonville in the first place.

Cyrus is determined to wreak havoc on the city of Port Charles, and it is looking like Sonny and Jason may be forced to team up with Jordan and Taggert. It seems unlikely to viewers at this point, but that may be the only way to take Cyrus down.

Sonny wants answers, and he may be demanding them from Jordan. Curtis now knows the details of the secret that his wife and Taggert were keeping, and that may be why Jason confronts him the first week of March.

Soap Central says that Cyrus will be leaving a path of destruction, and all indicators point to that definitely happening. Port Charles may not know what hit them. This latest crisis will leave Laura rattled as she does her best to make her city safe for everyone.

The week of February 24 will have Laura meeting up with Jordan as the police commissioner brings the mayor up to speed on the situation. It’s not definite on whether she will spill every last detail of her torrid past with Cyrus.