AEW News: Legend Explains Why Company Might Never Be As Successful As WWE

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Ever since All Elite Wrestling burst onto the scene and got a television deal with TNT, some fans and pundits have compared it to the second coming of World Championship Wrestling, meaning that they believe it will challenge WWE. However, AEW announcer Tony Schiavone is choosing to remain grounded about the company’s chances of overtaking their rivals for now.

During an interview with Sportskeeda, by the way of, the veteran commentator — who just so happened to be the voice of WCW — claimed that WWE’s longevity and global reach speaks for itself. Of course, he does believe that AEW can still be an important and successful company in its own right.

“I don’t know if AEW will ever be as big as the WWE; with a Network, and the reach that they have overseas, because WWE has been around for a long time. But I’d like to see it be a viable part of wrestling [and] I’d like it to be a place where very good professional wrestlers – both men and women – can come and make a good living, and be treated fairly… that’s what I’d like AEW to be.”

While AEW Dynamite isn’t garnering the same ratings as Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, the show’s ratings have still been impressive. The company has also given a mainstream platform to many talents who were obscure prior to joining, and that’s what Schiavone seems to appreciate most about the upstart promotion.

Schiavone signed for AEW back in August, reportedly beating WWE for his signature. He’s one of several legendary commentators that the company has scooped up so far, and he can regularly be heard calling matches alongside Jim Ross and Tazz.

AEW executive vice president Cody Rhodes has also been realistic about the promotion’s success in the business. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the superstar said that he just wants the company to be an alternative to WWE, and everyone there isn’t concerned with what the competition is doing. However, Rhodes and his colleagues have taken some shots at WWE from time to time.

Only time will tell if AEW reaches the same heights as WWE, but for now, the company is making the wrestling industry a more exciting place for the fans and the wrestlers. While WWE is the more established company, AEW is proving to be a mainstream alternative to Vince McMahon’s promotion, and it’s made for some entertaining weekly wrestling shows.