WWE News: Triple H Comments On Reports Of Content Being Taken Off Of WWE Network

Triple H finds it best to comment on rumors before they get out of hand.

Triple H addresses the fans.

Triple H finds it best to comment on rumors before they get out of hand.

There are always plenty of rumors going on about WWE, but the latest speculation could have a major effect on many fans. Even though the WWE Network is available for a monthly cost, there has been talk that the company is looking to move content to other platforms. While Vince McMahon has not necessarily confirmed these rumors as of yet, Triple H has chosen to address them and let the fans know the truth.

The current rumors circulating have WWE looking to sell content to other streaming platforms with ESPN Plus being a frontrunner, as reported by The Inquisitr. The proposed move would leave old content and such on the network while moving pay-per-view events to ESPN Plus for an additional cost each month.

Last weekend, NXT Takeover: Portland took place and it was extremely successful for the company which has fueled the speculation. Many believe that it is possible WWE would want to sell the PPV events for NXT, Raw, and SmackDown to another platform.

Triple H held a media conference call to speak on a number of topics, including speaking with Wrestling Inc. about WWE bringing content to other platforms. While he didn’t necessarily rule anything out, he also didn’t say that anything is right on the horizon either.

The logo of NXT.

First of all, Triple H commented primarily on the speculation and tried to clear the air for everyone.

“I think there is a lot of speculation in the question of new platforms. Vince said on an earnings call about opportunities but if you take all of that off the board, just where it is right now NXT has incredible value wherever it sits, whether that be USA or the WWE Network.”

From there, he continued on to say that NXT has built up their popularity and success with a “dedicated roster” that continues to grow. As it now has a two-hour weekly show on the USA Network, there could be other things that stem out from this brand.

“I look at it as an offshoot. If NXT is the main trunk of the tree then there’s offshoots of NXT UK. There will continue to be more offshoots as we announced.”

The WWE Network is a great place for so much content whether it is from the past, current events, or upcoming pay-per-views. The USA Network and FOX both have weekly shows, but could there be more to gain from selling the rights of PPVs to other platforms? For now, all of that is speculation, but Triple H has confirmed that anything is possible if the right opportunity arrives.