Cleveland Browns Fan Claims Tryst With Baker Mayfield

A Cleveland Browns fan from a small town in Ohio is claiming that she had a hookup with quarterback Baker Mayfield. Kacie Dingess recently appeared on the Cleveland radio program, Rover's Morning Glory, where she gave an on-camera interview claiming a tryst with the married player.

According to Dingess, the two met when she messaged Mayfield on Snapchat with what she called a "playful" video. She didn't expect him to actually respond, but a few days later, she got a message from another account claiming to be Baker. She explained that, at first, she didn't believe the account was coming from the Browns quarterback.

"It was a weird username. So I just kept asking for proof. 'Show me that it's actually you. Obviously I'm not going to believe someone's adding me, and it's going to be you.'"
Eventually, he did enough to convince Dingess that he was who he said he was, and the two began an online relationship. The 20-year-old woman, who Page Six reports is a recent high school graduate, says they talked regularly, but they had to go through a rather detailed process in order to communicate.

Dingess claims Mayfield set that process up in order to keep his wife from finding out that he was flirting with other girls.

Baker Mayfield celebrates a Cleveland Browns' touchdown
Getty Images | Andy Lyons

Part of that process was making sure that whenever they talked, Dingess had to make sure that she was alone. Mayfield even went so far as to make sure she took a video showing there was no one anywhere around her while they talked. When it became clear she was alone, he would then send her photos. At least some of those were lewd. Dingess claims at one point he sent her a picture of his penis.

According to the young woman, the online relationship lasted for months until one day Mayfield told her he wanted to meet. According to Dingess, they eventually decided to meet at a Cleveland area Cheesecake Factory. Once they had both arrived, she claims Mayfield told her to get into his car and made sure she left her cellphone behind.

Once they were both in his vehicle with heavily tinted windows, Dingess claims she and Mayfield moved to his backseat where she gave him fellatio. When the radio show hosts asked whether it went beyond that, she said they didn't do anything else and pointedly claimed Mayfield didn't reciprocate.

Dingess claims she decided to come forward with her claims after Mayfield blocked her on Twitter. As of now, neither the Cleveland Browns quarterback or his wife have addressed the claims.